Petite figure? Five rules that you must break now

Updated on June 4, 2021

Short girls have long been told that they can’t wear this. We think otherwise!

If you barely exceed 1.60 m in height, surely you have doubted when using certain clothes. Does it sound familiar to you? In fact, many clothes are suitable for short girls. You can easily pick the ones that suit your short stature. Now is the era of the Internet. Online fashion stores offer a large and constantly updated selection.

For all those girls who think that their height can be a limitation to show off the latest trends like a true queen of street style, we have given ourselves the task of proving them wrong! They can wear a petite long skirt or a petite maxi skirt. The two skirts are increasingly popular today!

If you are a woman with a short body, your posture will not stop you from looking beautiful and charming. But in some cases you might need some advice from an online stylist. You can find many stylists offering their services over the Internet. Don’t worry about their professionalism because most of them have years of experience on the fashion field.

Take note of these five rules that you must break now:

1. You should always wear heels

Yes, heels are capable of stylizing our figure and taking us to the heights; but the little ones also deserve a break. At 1.50-1.57m tall, you can look just as chic in flats. Look for models that end in a point, as they will help to lengthen your legs and when you wear pants, make sure they fit just above the ankle. Show off your legs with pointed shorts and flats. 

2. Maxi dresses are too flared for your figure

Lie! Whatever your height, the secret to wearing the maxi dress like a pro is to choose a model that fits your torso correctly. At 1.55m tall, you can get bigger in this dress. Steal them! We decipher which boyfriend jeans suit your figure best. Also take care of the skirt, because if it is too long you could look much smaller, or worse, step on it and suffer a serious fall. The must-have complement? Boho style platforms. The key to wearing this look is to choose a model that fits you like a glove. 

3. Midi skirts are not for you

At 1.55m tall, you can look like anyone else in the latest trends. It is said that cutting the body makes the figure appear much smaller, but the real key is knowing where to put the cuts. When you want to wear a midi skirt, choose styles that fall just above the waist. Your best weapon? The crop top. Petite girls do very well with this cut, so make it a staple in your closet. A skirt just above your waist is perfect to lengthen your figure. But pencil skirts will be suitable.

4. Forget about shoes with straps at the ankles

Have you already noticed that almost all of our examples break this rule? This is because the shoes with thin straps are the most in. That’s how you are and that’s how your ideal shoe should be. Feel like Cinderella! Choose models with thin strips and stay away from those that are too thick. The more delicate the model, the slimmer your ankle will look. If stilettos are too much for you, no problem, you can wear chunky heels and they will look amazing. Choose much more delicate shoes to show the right amount of skin and look taller. 

5. You can only wear tight tops

Just like Reese Witherspoon, go for box-style tops, that is, much straighter. At 1.56 m tall, the protagonist of Wild knows how to play with proportions. If you are going to wear a loose top like Reese’s, avoid boyfriend pants and instead opt for skinny ones like the next petite skirts, so you balance your silhouette. The same applies in reverse, if you are going to wear oversized jeans, choose a tight top.

The final touch? Kitten heels (less than 5 cm) to add that feminine touch! Have a nice try and good luck!

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