Personal Injury Law In Shreveport, Louisiana: Understanding the Basics and Choosing the Right Firm to Represent Your Case

Updated on May 12, 2023

Accidents can happen to anyone, anywhere, and anytime, leaving individuals injured and in need of medical treatment. Personal injury law is a branch of law that provides legal remedies to those who have been injured or harmed due to someone else’s negligence or intentional action. It covers a wide range of situations, from slip and fall accidents to car crashes, medical malpractice, and product liability. In this article, we will discuss the basics of personal injury law and provide insights into how to select the best personal injury firm to handle your case in Louisiana.

What is personal injury law?

Personal injury law involves legal disputes that arise when one person suffers harm or injury from an accident, and someone else might be legally responsible for that harm. In such cases, the injured person can file a personal injury claim to seek compensation for their losses, including medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

This subset of law is based on the principle of negligence, which means that a person has a legal duty to behave in a reasonably prudent manner to avoid causing harm to others. When a person fails to exercise reasonable care, and their actions or inactions cause injury to another, they can be held liable for damages.

As a civil matter – one separate from any criminal proceedings – personal injury law also covers intentional acts such as assault, battery, and defamation, where the defendant intentionally harms the plaintiff. In such cases, the plaintiff may be entitled to punitive damages, which are meant to punish the defendant for their misconduct.

Personal injury law in Louisiana is different than in other states

Louisiana has unique laws that govern personal injury cases, and it is essential to understand them when filing a claim. The state follows a “comparative fault” system,  also known as comparative negligence; this means that the amount of compensation an injured person can recover is reduced by their percentage of fault in the accident. For instance, if a plaintiff is found to be 20% at fault for the accident, their compensation will be reduced by 20%.

There are also more focused laws for particular types of personal injury: one of these subsets of negligence regards dog attacks. Louisiana follows the “one-bite” rule, which means that a dog owner is liable for any injuries caused by their dog if the owner knew or should have known about the dog’s propensity to bite or attack. 

Regarding filing a personal injury claim, Louisiana has a statute of limitation of one year, meaning that you need to file a claim within one year of the accident or injury. This makes it all the more essential that you begin looking for a qualified Shreveport, Louisiana injury lawyer as soon as you possibly can.

Now that we better understand the specifics of personal injury law in Louisiana, let’s now discuss how to select the right law office to help you receive justice for your injuries. 

Don’t settle for a subpar law firm: look for one that matches all of your needs

Choosing the right personal injury firm is crucial to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve. There are a variety of different factors that you must consider when seeking the right law office to assist you, and these are some of the most important ones. 

Your preferred law firm should have experience in handling personal injury cases. An experienced attorney knows how to navigate the legal system, negotiate with insurance companies, and build a strong case on your behalf. This means they should also have the resources necessary to properly research and prove a claim, such as expert witnesses, medical professionals, and investigators.

Look for a firm that communicates effectively with its clients. You want an attorney who will keep you informed about the progress of your case, answer your questions promptly, and provide clear explanations of the legal process. Pay close attention to how the attorneys make you feel: do they talk down to you, or do they listen to your concerns and provide information in a way that makes sense to you? Empathy is an essential part of the legal process, and you should really feel that this law firm is on your side. 

Finally, consider the firm’s fee structure before hiring them. Some firms work on a contingency fee basis, which means that you only pay if they win your case. Others charge an hourly rate or a flat fee. Make sure you understand the fee structure before signing any contracts.

Final thoughts

Personal injury is a complex area of law, and Louisiana’s statutes can be difficult to navigate, as they differ slightly from other states. It’s essential that you understand these different aspects of personal injury, and that you also work with a law firm who can help you understand these complicated processes with ease. By working with a qualified personal injury lawyer, you can boost your chances of receiving compensation for the injuries you’ve suffered as a result of negligence or neglect. 

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