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Updated on March 3, 2021

There are so many recommendations nowadays for which vitamins, supplements, and minerals we should be taking to ensure our bodies have everything they need to fight off as many viruses, illnesses, and ailments as it can. This is especially important currently, with virologists advising on the importance of certain vitamins for maximum protection against new viruses being discovered. 

Custom and personalized vitamins may be the next big thing in nutritional circles. Especially as advancements show that different people, sizes, and body types require different dosages of vitamins. When it comes to taking vitamins, many people spend time each day, unnecessarily, working out which vitamins to take. Checking they have selected the correct ones, then taking multiple tablets to cover all of the vitamins they need. 

Save Yourself Time

By employing the services of a personalized vitamins service, you can remove this stress from your life. The first visit for this service will assess your body chemistry so that a customized plan of vitamins tailored to you can be created.

Based on blood results, history of your health, and your daily needs. A clinician will create a customized vitamin plan for you to include all vitamins and nutrients that you require. Although the initial setup of the personalized vitamin plan can take time. It is worth it to know that you are getting exactly what your body needs every day to help you to have the best health possible.

Guaranteed Quality

The vitamins used are of the highest pharmaceutical quality. So you can be assured that you are taking only the best available on the market. You will receive purely what you need without artificial compounds. Quality checks are periodically carried out to ensure that the products remain top quality and to assure no synthetic additives, meaning the vitamins are allergen-free. 

The marvelous thing about customized vitamin plans is that they can be used by anyone at any time. You may decide that a customized vitamin plan is right for you. If you have been feeling unwell for some time or if you are finding yourself feeling lethargic. The creation of the customized vitamin plan is not difficult. As once the tests have been completed, a clinician will take over from you and will ensure the vitamin regimen is right for you. 

This could involve follow-ups and adjustments to the levels of certain vitamins depending upon your response to the vitamin regimen. And this can also be changed if something else changes in your medical health. Customized vitamin plans are designed with full knowledge of your medical history to ensure they are safe to take with other medications and do not cause adverse side effects. So if your medical history changes, your customized vitamin regimen may need to change also. 

Length of Treatment

The length of time you will take your custom vitamins is not fixed for everyone and so is discussed individually with each client. Your clinician will use all available information to decide the length of your treatment plan, but do be aware this could change depending on how responsive you are to the custom vitamins. Clinicians will continue to monitor periodically throughout the length of your custom vitamin plan to ensure that they are working as they should. Clinicians are available if you have any concerns during your regimen. 

This may also depend on the reason why you are taking customized vitamins, so it is best to discuss the reasoning with your clinician. If you are choosing this as a short-term way of enhancing your health for a particular reason, it is helpful to know this. 

If you are still unsure if personalized vitamins are right for you, the best thing to do is to book a consultation or give the team a call. You will be able to discuss any questions or concerns you have with one of the trained members of staff and receive any additional information you require.

A personalized vitamin plan can remove some of the burden of healthy living from you. You can arrange for delivery of the purchased products and will not need to shop for vitamins. However, a personalized vitamin plan is not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle overall. The vitamins that are tailored to you will complement exercise and a healthy diet and will not fix all health problems if your lifestyle is otherwise unhealthy. 

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