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Persistent Partners with Amazon HealthLake to Transform Population Health

Persistent Systems (BSE and NSE: Persistent), a global Digital Engineering provider, deepens its relationship with AWS by partnering with Amazon HealthLake to help its Healthcare and Life Sciences clients accelerate their care transformation journeys. Persistent is enabling clients to improve quality of care and scale their population health initiatives with industry expertise and capabilities in integration, data and analytics, coupled with Amazon HealthLake’s robust and highly customizable platform.

The Healthcare industry generates enormous amounts of data across the ecosystem and uses a myriad of technology solutions to aggregate, cleanse, standardize, and derive insights to improve health outcomes and reduce the cost of care. However, this data is diverse, distributed, and disparate which makes it challenging to modernize and scale solution delivery. In addition, the available tools consume too much effort, take too long to deliver, or are too complex to setup, configure, and implement. Organizations need a single platform with composable technologies to overcome these hurdles and ensure swift solution delivery.  

The Amazon HealthLake platform, with built-in health data store, query, and AI/ML capabilities, helps organizations expedite standardization of various data formats, interoperability of systems, and the exchange of data as well as analysis of healthcare data. This can be easily configured, extended, and customized to offer solutions that streamline hospital workflows, improve quality of care, secure healthcare data exchange, and provide clinical decision support. This partnership with Amazon HealthLake allows Persistent to help clients automate and accurately extract data, and to provide insights at the patient, provider, and population level.

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Amazon HealthLake’s capabilities will enable Persistent to develop simplified, flexible, and faster to implement solutions that will provide clients with:

\        End-to-end platform coverage from data ingestion, transformation, analytics, and delivery of actionable reports and insights

\        Ease of integration with other AWS capabilities such as Amazon Comprehend Medical, SageMaker, and QuickSight to extract information from unstructured data, deploy advanced ML algorithms and provide natural language querying

\        Reduce time from ideation to hypothesis testing, and developing and deploying production-ready, scalable solutions

Vikas Gupta, Senior Vice President – CX, Data and Intelligent Automation, Persistent:

“Digital adoption in the healthcare and life sciences industry has accelerated dramatically, especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It has become crucial to streamline data and align offerings based on customer expectations. We’re pleased to progress our partnership with AWS as we work with solutions such as Amazon HealthLake that will improve care delivery using data to enhance the customer and patient experience.”

Tehsin Syed, General Manager – Health AI, Amazon Web Services

“We are excited to partner with Persistent Systems for Amazon HealthLake. Persistent Systems has a great track record in the Healthcare and Life Sciences space. We anticipate that their expertise in AI/ML, visualization tools, and data analytics will empower their healthcare customers to solve their most challenging problems. We look forward to collaborating with Persistent Systems and deepening our relationship with them via Amazon HealthLake and other Health AI services.”

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