PAM Health’s Talent Acquisition Gets a Boost with AtlasJobs’ AI-Powered Engagement Platform, According to New Case Study

Updated on May 4, 2023

AtlasJobs’ talent discovery and engagement platform helps National healthcare provider stand out as a leading employer in a competitive job market

Los Angeles-based technology company Pod, parent company to AtlasJobs, a talent discovery and engagement platform, today published AtlasJobs Helps PAM Health Drive More Qualified Candidates and Speed Up Talent Acquisition, a case study developed in partnership with PAM Health. The case study displays an increase in engaged job applicants and reduced sourcing time as a result of utilizing AtlasJobs.

PAM Health, a nationwide healthcare leader with a network of over 100 specialty hospitals and outpatient clinics across the United States, experiences a unique set of challenges when it comes to staffing across multiple locations. To meet their objectives of attracting high-quality talent and promoting company culture during recruitment, PAM Health recognized the need to revise their hiring approach. In late 2022, PAM Health implemented the AtlasJobs people engagement platform to solve their talent acquisition challenges. 

“Using traditional candidate sourcing companies and tools, we had been getting 6,000 to 7,000 candidates per month throughout 2022,” said Carmen Pivoda, Vice President of Talent Engagement at PAM Health. “When we saw the number of candidates jump to over 12,000 in the first month with AtlasJobs, we thought this was a fluke. However, when we tracked December and January and saw the number of candidates was over 12,000 each month, we knew this wasn’t a fluke, it was a trend.”

After implementing AtlasJobs, PAM Health experienced a substantial improvement in the recruitment process. The platform led to an increase in the quantity and engagement of qualified candidates, particularly in the nursing sector, where a 12 times increase in engagement was observed. For more details, see the full case study here:

“People are the lifeblood of companies and particularly for PAM Health who need qualified and dedicated staff on premises,” said Dr. Jo Webber, CEO of AtlasJobs. “Our AI-powered platform is designed to simplify the recruitment process for both employers and candidates, and we are happy to see it make a significant impact for PAM Health across their multiple locations.”

About Pod and AtlasJobs

AtlasJobs is a web and mobile app simplifying talent acquisition by enabling leading companies to better position themselves as employers of choice while making it easy for global job-seekers to discover, explore, and engage with opportunities including jobs, internships, mentorships, and scholarships. This mobile-first, white-label platform leverages a map-centric search mechanism and AI technology to meet Generation Z where they are with an intuitive, engaging design enhancing the discoverability of jobs globally. AtlasJobs integrates seamlessly and securely with all major ATS applications allowing for fast deployment. By connecting today’s talent with the best opportunities, AtlasJobs is elevating recruitment outcomes for both employers and candidates. For more information, visit or connect on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

About PAM Health 

Based in Enola, Pennsylvania, PAM Health provides specialty healthcare services through more than 70 long-term acute care hospitals, medical rehabilitation hospitals and Behavioral Health Hospitals, as well as wound clinics and outpatient therapy locations, in 22 states. PAM Health is committed to providing high-quality patient care and outstanding customer service, coupled with the loyalty and dedication of highly trained staff, to be the most trusted source for healthcare services in every community it serves. Its mission is to serve people by providing compassionate, expert care, and to support recovery through education and research. Learn more at

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