Owlytics Healthcare Releases Multiple Sclerosis Monitoring and Analytics Cloud-based Service, supporting MS Research Studies

Updated on January 12, 2022
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NEWTON, MA, USA, October 19, 2021Owlytics Healthcare and its research partner Tel-Aviv Medical Center (‘Ichilov’) have announced the first validation stage of MS metrics for a continuous remote monitoring and analytics solution to measure the effectiveness of drugs during clinical studies, using cellular-based wearables and Artificial Intelligence technologies.

According to Gill Zaphrir, Owlytics CEO and co-Founder, “The Owlytics validated enterprise analytics solution will support key pharma and providers’ research efforts by using passive physiology, activity, gait and fall remote monitoring as well as self-tagged patient symptoms such as pain, spasticity, activity, and stress. One of the solution differentiators is the off-the-shelf cellular and elegant smartwatch containing advanced vital sensors.”

The solution seamlessly shares patient progression status and provides common language to the research and clinical teams through Web API snapshot reporting and analytics and is already being utilized by pharmaceutical companies as well as home care and senior living providers in the US, UK, Italy and Israel, such as Fellowship Square-mesa Care & the Chelsea,  in the US, and Gil Ad centers in Israel. 

The patient’s symptom self-reporting adds response-time metrics which establishes personal cognitive metric analytic trends over time. This MS solution release is following the Owlytics validated analytics solution fielded in a Parkinson’s disease research study with a leading pharmaceutical company. 

In both Parkinson and Multiple Sclerosis, the Owlytics cloud analytics solution has demonstrated high correlation activity/sleep/ gait metric scores when compared against the domain research ground truth references achieved while working with Tel-Aviv Medical Center.

About Owlytics

Owlytics is a rapidly growing company dedicated to improving the lives of all patients by combining continuous personal monitoring with the predictive power of data analytics. The company developed a continuous, Class II, FDA-registered, AI-based monitoring solution that collects, analyzes, and reports personal health data in order to administer preventative solutions in real-time. 

Owlytics is focused on providing innovative, remote patient monitoring systems for senior care communities, home care agencies and pharmaceutical companies that provide neurology therapies. Owlytics helps improve the quality of care and safety for residents and patients while decreasing the costs of care.

Gill Zaphrir, CEO & co-Founder

Owlytics Healthcare

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