Overcome These 3 Barriers and Start Your Own Business

Updated on June 22, 2021

Starting a business is just a dream for many people. Only a few turn that dream into a reality, though. So, what is it that stops so many others from taking the plunge? The truth is, there are a few very common barriers that stop many would-be entrepreneurs from truly following their goals of business ownership. These include lack of funds, lack of time, and even the struggle of figuring out a name for your startup. Luckily there are tools available, like the  free business name generator at Namify, that can help with the process. Let’s look at a few of these barriers and how to bust through them. 

No Money

This is a biggie for most people. If you don’t have any money to begin with, how will you start a business? The technology available to us today, makes it possible to start up many kinds of businesses with as little as $100. Cleaning services, errand services, shopping services, handyman work, lawn care, pet sitting, and child care are just a few of the profitable businesses you can start with very little money at first. Funneling your profits into growing your business will quickly produce results. 

No Time

Nothing worthwhile comes without sacrifice. This is probably the one barrier that really divides those who will make their business dreams a reality and those who will not. Who is more willing to put in the sacrifice of time? If you are already working a regular job to pay your bills, it may feel overwhelming to invest more time into growing a business. If you are willing to make this investment of time, then you will see results. However, if you believe the limits you have placed on yourself, and you believe that you really cannot invest any time into your dreams, then you will not accomplish the goal you have in mind. 

Loss of Health Insurance 

The health insurance boogie man has hindered many people from stepping away from their 9 to 5 jobs and pursuing their dreams. If you have a family to provide for or if you have health problems, health insurance considerations are a big deal. However, what many people do not realize, is that new health insurance options are coming on the scene. 

Co-ops that help members share medical expenses and health clinics which provide up-front pricing at reasonable rates, like the new health clinics provided by Walmart, are attempting to change the game. These are real options that can help you to stay on top of your health priorities while not being a slave to your benefits package at work.

Do some research to find out what types of alternatives might work for you. 

Lack of Confidence 

If we are being totally honest, this is probably the hardest barrier to overcome. What we think of our own abilities will have the most profound impact on our choices. The thing about confidence is that it often comes after we have started taking action. If you wait for the confidence to come first, you will be waiting a very long time. The momentum and the confidence build as you start stepping forward. 

There are plenty of small steps you can start taking that will help to build this confidence and momentum. One powerful step is to write up a business plan and name your business. Although this seems like such a baby step, for many people this is the significant moment when the business idea starts to feel really real. If you are having trouble coming up with a name you can use a free business name generator to give you some ideas. Namify is a unique free brand name generator that uses intelligence to create brand names that meets needs of the user. The names it provides are meaningful and not just several words thrown together. Namify provides valuable information about the availability of domains and social media handles.

Having your business plan and your business name down on paper will give you a great boost of confidence and motivation. 

Starting your own business is not an impossibility. Get over these three barriers and watch your dreams become reality.

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