Our Love-Hate Relationship while Working from Home

Updated on January 19, 2022
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This pandemic brought us an unexpected work-from-home environment for all of us. We are someone who is habituated to stick around the screens from 9 to 6. This suddenly turned an 8-hour workday to 10 hours & we don’t know how!

We all agree that working from home made us see work-life balance from a whole new perspective. Working in Pajamas was a dream come true kind of feeling. And, how can we deny the frequent breaks we love in-between hectic work hours. Many of us find ourselves more productive while working from home. Besides this, we have so many work + fun moments. 

What did we love?

Lovey-dovey time with our partner is what we keep craving. No matter how hard we try, it is impossible to spend such a long time together. The pleasure of being around each other for like 24 hours is dreamy. This is the major plus point of the pandemic we can consider so far.

Many couples rediscovered themselves & strengthened their bond with love & romance. After all, who will not like to spend some cozy moments in different corners of home? If you’re someone just married, this must be a golden period of your lifetime.

Making love without worries of work or a busy schedule is a magical experience for couples. You don’t need any permission or take a day off to get closer to your partner. And the best part is, you can still manage your work sooner or later so that deadlines aren’t skipped. This simply means you can spend as much time as you want with your partner.

You won’t believe how men with ED had a larger than life experience while working from home. As we’ve mentioned, stress levels were reportedly down as people were safe & sound at home; it got convenient to make love at any desired time. For some, it only took a little pill for a longer playtime in bed.

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What we hate?

Couples with a long-distance relationship also witnessed the darker side of lockdown. Unable to see each other in person for months, it was a tough time during this pandemic. Many couples went jobless under lockdown & undergone severe stress & depression because they have kids to bring up. 

The time which is meant to be enjoyable for some turned out to be the worst nightmare for others. Many prayed for this lockdown to wipe away the sorrows, while some enjoyed it like a regular day at home. 

Not just this, many couples had more differences & often clashed while staying together. However, in the end, it’s you who has to decide what you should do & whatnot.

The Takeaway

It’s important to be prepared for whatever life throws at you. This isn’t only the love-hate relationship while working from home. It is the test of time we all should pass. If you’re someone who discovered a new you during this duration, you must have figured out your plus & minus points.

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