Orthodontic And Dental Care Services: The Importance Of Healthy Teeth

Updated on November 21, 2023

The teeth are the main attraction when a person starts talking. To have white teeth means a bright smile, which builds confidence in anyone. But, there are situations like dental problems that may arise because of dental care failure, from childhood until your current age. Perhaps, you have not tried going to a dental clinic to get regular dental checkups.

A Dentist helps address oral issues, from bad breath to dental and gum problems.

Common dental problems and causes

Treating must not come first, you need to know the root cause of the dental problem before you come up with a treatment. Who knows – you might need mild dental treatment, yet you decide to take a serious dental surgery. Thus, let the dental professional do the part, from checkup to dental treatment, if possible. The common dental problems that are usually encountered during childhood are: 

  • Gingivitis. It is the precursor to gum disease and is marked by red and swollen gums. It slightly bleeds when the child flosses or brushes their teeth, which can also be a dental problem for adults.
  • Gum disease. It is more prone in children with poor oral hygiene.
  • Tooth decay. It is another common oral health issue for children, especially vulnerable to some factors like diet and those learning how to floss and brush their teeth properly.

These dental problems happen in children and are quite common in pediatric dental patients. The orthodontic and pediatric dentist can help with any dental health problem, especially severe dental cases. 

Crooked teeth in children

A study explained crooked teeth in children stating that the scientists are unsure why children have uneven or wonky teeth, and why their teeth are deformed. Some have inborn dental deformations, which the dentist can help with the treatment or dental correction to align the teeth. Crooked teeth can lead to dental development issues, such as:

  • Uneven teeth
  • Tooth decay

Brushing and flossing teeth can be difficult for crooked teeth. Some parts of the teeth can’t be cleaned well because it is out of reach by the brush or floss. Thus, the dental professional advised some crooked teeth treatments, such as braces.

Braces are the first option. It is used to fix crooked teeth to align and straight teeth. Braces are usually worn at night but can be worn outside of regular hours. The option is recommended for children ages between 6-10 years old. Although some adults today use braces to correct their uneven teeth, dental treatment remains effective. 

Braces are the easiest and safest option to correct crooked teeth, especially for those afraid of surgeries.

The use of Invisalign

Invisalign is an invisible orthodontic method. It allows teeth correction to produce an improved smile. The same with braces, it helps align the uneven or deformed teeth, but not using metal wires like braces. Invisalign is invisible when worn. Some people are not comfortable wearing braces which makes them choose the invisible option – Invisalign. 

The dentists are always at hand anytime you need dental assistance; they are the right dental specialists.

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