In-Depth Oranum Review 2024: Customer Reviews, Psychics, Offers, & More

Updated on December 5, 2023

You’re stranded, and you’re considering getting a psychic reading on Oranum. You’ve heard of Oranum but never tried it.

Oranum is one of the sites that pop up during your search.

But it doesn’t look like your typical site.

Unlike other psychic platforms, Oranum is all about creating a sense of real engagement in your psychic reading experience. 

From their Free Live Chat room that allows you to try out psychics with a free question to live video readings and more, Oranum seems to be all about feeling the energy. 

Have you landed on a scam website with excellent sales tactics or discovered a goldmine?

Can Oranum provide legit psychic reading or some more profound spiritual guidance?

Find out in this honest Oranum review.

A Quick Look At

What We Liked

  • Free live chat room
  • 1 free chat question 
  • Quick psychic match filter
  • Informative blog
  • Live online support
  • A wide variety of services

What Could Be Better

  • Confusing “Coins” payment system 
  • No clear refund policy

Deals ⭐

  • Bonus credits with each “coins” package
  • $9.99 in free credits 

Bottom Line – Is Oranum Legit?

Oranum is a fun, engaging site that lets you observe and try out different psychics until you get your bearings. 

There’s also a wide variety of readings, a full informative blog, and a nice free credit to get you started.

Oranum Psychics Review: Why Is Oranum Trustworthy?

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All psychic sites require you to share some of your personal information. 

When it comes to securing this data, Oranum is one of the more trustworthy psychic platforms out there. 

That’s because they operate in compliance with both the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) to keep all customer data private.

It’s also not easy to find the right psychic advisor. To help build your trust in their service, Oranum is willing to let you try out their psychics in real time for free. 

The site’s free live chat room allows you to ask one free question of as many psychics as you wish until you find the one that’s right for you. 

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That way, whether you’re asking a question or watching someone else have one answered, you get to see how the reader works. 

For instance, how accurate are they? How quickly do they get to the point? What do you think of their manner? Do you feel comfortable and connected with what you’re witnessing?

This willingness to put their readers out there like that shows how much confidence Oranum has in the various psychics they have working for them. 

No doubt it will make you feel more confident too.  

Types Of Readings On

Here are some of the most popular psychic categories on Oranum.

Love and Relationships

Love is the most common subject psychics are asked about. 

With that in mind, Oranum has over 100 love experts in its psychic network, offering all kinds of love readings. 

From relationship readings to karmic love readings, or maybe even a quick personality sketch of your newest crush, Oranum has what it takes to soothe your restless heart.

Tarot Reading 

Tarot cards are probably the most popular oracle used in psychic readings, and the tradition is alive and well on Oranum. 

No matter what your problem is or when you need to be guided through it, you should have no trouble finding an expert on Oranum.

Oranum psychics are available 24/7 to reveal the truth waiting in the cards for you.

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Dream Interpretation

Whether you’ve had a Mid-summer night fantasy, or a dark night of the soul, Oranum’s dream interpretation experts should be able to decipher the mysteries of your dreams.


In the olden days, sailors used the stars to navigate. 

If you happen to be experiencing choppy seas, Oranum provides free horoscopes and seasoned Astrologers 24/7 for expert live sessions. 

Life Questions 

It’s always something, right? 

If you have questions about your career, family, or even if it’s the right time for a change, Oranum has psychics ready to guide you into your next life phase.

 Pet Psychics

Our love for our pets is only rivaled by wondering what’s on their minds. 

If your pet has been confusing you lately, maybe a sensitive Oranum pet psychic can help bridge that gap.

Sound Baths 

Sound healing is an ancient tradition. 

From voice toning to the singing bowls, the Sound bath practitioners at Oranum claim to be experts in chakra healing and holistic healing to cure whatever ails. 

How Does Oranum Work? 

Signing Up & Oranum Login

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Signing up and creating an account on Oranum is free. Once you’ve set up your account, all you have to do is input your details and log in.

What Personal Info Do You Have To Provide?

To initially sign up, you must provide a username, email, and password.

How Easy Is It to Book a Reading?

It’s pretty easy to book a reading on Oranum.

If a psychic is live, simply click on their image. 

After that, if they’re available, all you need to do is click “start session” to begin your psychic reading. 

If the reader you want is offline, you can send them a direct message so they can get back to you. 

How Much Does It Cost?

Compared to other psychic websites, a reading on Oranum ranges from about $0.39 to $9.99 per minute, depending on the reader. 

Rather than a straight-up per-minute fee, though, Oranum prices their readings on a system called “coins.” 

These coins are sold in packages, costing anywhere from $27.99 to $97.99. 

Therefore, if you’re looking for cheap psychics that don’t compromise on quality, this may be the perfect site for you.

What Payment Methods Are Available?

Oranum accepts the following debit and credit cards:

  • VISA
  • Master Card
  • Discover
  • Diners Club International 

Are There Free Oranum Credits? What Other Special Deals Are There?

Oranum’s coin-based system may be a bit confusing, but we have to say their special deals are quite impressive.

As soon as you register with a credit card, Oranum will give you $9.99 in free credits to use before being charged. 

Each “Coins” package includes anywhere from $1.99 to $7.99 in additional credit, depending on the size of the package you purchase. 

Oranum Psychic Reviews: Advisors On Oranum Psychic Reading Platform

1. TanitTarot – Best Psychic On Oranum Specializing in the Tarot

Tanit Tarot is a specialist in Numerology, Astrology, and Tarot cards

Currently, she is leading by a fairly sizable margin in the weekly poll for the most popular Oranum psychic

Aside from readings, Tanit Tarot also offers instructional videos that cover a wide range of subjects.

Some of the topics you’ll find in the instructional videos include basic numerology, Astrological forecasts, and various esoteric techniques to improve your well-being and protect your energy.

2. Purposeoflife – Best Love Advisor On Oranum Psychic Center

Purposeoflife is a clairvoyant and Tarot reader who claims to be a multi-generational psychic with a long heritage. 

Also one of the front runners in Oranum’s weekly popularity poll, she specializes in love, career advice, and dealing with toxicity in your relationships. 

She also has over 80 videos on her profile, covering everything from Astrology to chakra healing, spiritual guidance, fortune telling, and releasing negative energy.

Oranum Key Features And Tools 

How To Choose a Reader On

All Oranum psychics have a profile. 

There you can read a personal bio and see a listing of the various specialties they each provide. 

Many advisors also have instructional videos available, which can tell you a lot more about what they have to offer. Some of these videos are free, but many require a small fee.

How Can You Connect With Oranum Advisors?

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The main types of readings offered on Oranum are video and voice calls, though phone readings and standard chat sessions are also available.

To find a psychic, there’s a Psychic Match filter that allows you to connect with a reader in seconds. 

All you have to do is answer a few simple questions, such as the subject you’d like to discuss and the tool you’d prefer.

If you’d rather browse on your own for a psychic, you can also go to the site’s home page and see which psychics are currently live. 

There you can select a reader and simply click on “start session.” 

If a reader is unavailable, don’t worry, you can leave them a message using either Oranum’s messenger or Voice Call features. 

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Can You Block or Unblock a Reader?

No, there is no feature on Oranum that allows you to block or unblock a reader.

Can You Leave Feedback or Rate a Reader?

Unfortunately, there is no way to leave any direct feedback on a reader. 

However, there are weekly contests where customers get to vote for their favorite Oranum psychics. 

The ongoing results of this voting are posted during the week, so it’s possible to see exactly who the most popular readers are. 

It’s also possible to leave a “like” on your favorite reader’s profile page by clicking on the little heart in the upper right-hand corner. 

Can You Create a Favorite Reader List?

Yes, you can add an Oranum broadcaster to your favorites list by clicking on the heart icon in the top left corner of that reader’s profile page. 

Can You Get a Refund?

From what we can see, there’s no satisfaction guarantee offered on Oranum.

The refund policy is fully explained in some complicated legal language on the site’s terms and conditions page. 

Unfortunately, what’s there only refers to the refunding of “coins” purchases and says nothing that’s clear about the policy on refunding readings.

Alternatives: How Do Oranum Psychics Compare To Other Psychics?

Here’s how Oranum compares to other top psychic platforms. 

1. Kasamba

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Kasamba has been a top-rated psychic platform for over 20 years.

Known primarily for their superior love readings, they also offer a wide variety of other types of readings, from Angel readings to Palm readings and more. 

In head-to-head competition, we feel that Kasamba has the advantage over Oranum in experience, variety of readings, and satisfaction guarantee.

However, Oranum’s $9.99 credit when you register is hard to beat. 

The free live chat option also edges out Kasamba’s 3 free chat minutes with each new reader you try.

This is mainly because Oranum’s free chat question is via video chat with a reader you can actually see, much like a face-to-face reading.

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2. Keen

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With over 1,700 readers available, Keen is not only the largest community of online psychics, but they’ve also been around for over 20 years

This experience, plus their number of readers and a superior Articles section, gives them an edge over Oranum.

Nevertheless, Oranum holds its own though with its free live chat room and video chat option that simulate having face to face readings with live psychics. 

In terms of introductory discounts to customers, we’d have to say it’s a draw between Oranum’s $9.99 opening credit and Keen’s 10 minutes for $1.99.

>>Get 10 minutes for $1.99 on Keen

3. Psychic Source

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Psychic Source is the oldest psychic reading site

Their Articles section is the best online for everything psychic and spiritual, plus they’re also one of the few sites that offer readings on video

Because of their video capability, Psychic Source is probably Oranum’s stiffest competition in the video arena. 

Yet we think if push comes to shove, Oranum still rules with their free live video chat room.

Oranum’s $9.99 opening credit is very good as well, but in this case, the nod has to go to Psychic Source with their 10, 20, and 30-minute $1-per-minute packages. 

>>Get 3 FREE mins on Psychic Source

Oranum Customer Reviews – What Do Oranum Reviews Say?

Here are some Oranum reviews we found that were written by real customers. 


This is a perfect example of what people really need psychics for. Most normal folks don’t need to know the secrets of the universe, they just want a wider perspective on their lives. And as Michelle mentions in her review, she’s been able to get accurate readings from Gigi, an Oranum psychic, for over 1.2 years. That’s pretty impressive.

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One of the main reasons people go to psychics is to connect with their departed loved ones. This is a perfect example. Like this reviewer, you may be looking to seek guidance from Oranum’s mediums to connect with your departed loved ones. From this review and the many we’ve come across, you have a good chance of connecting with your loved one’s spirit on Oranum.

4zaIpdHU1iqWPwyvjJTkZHa45sl WNwAcJymipTDwegFCWSzR NAR9q3 hXU0V bCsy8gci4LmjB0lG7B398jPoChe44QfuvawUma2Ag1IlUcYUdHo7dHXkAEaOneJIlnt18sRC6I lnsl vW1Io8q0

While it’s easy to criticize psychic readings, this is an instance of someone being actually open to experiencing one and being pleasantly surprised. So, if you’re a bit skeptical about psychic readings, it may be a good idea to try one of Oranum’s experts and see what they have to reveal about your life.

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Now this is what we’d call a satisfied customer. The reviewer went on Oranum, tried a few psychics and has since found top psychics to work with whenever they need guidance on various issues.

GaVxoSh KrqP1jyQtlAd7fTRe1 eO6Wqv8Sxj3 GSQ3TlkJHI0qqMZ 6nw0faoutfgNcRZPT6otXACHAWwutdNRFIR81CAy4FGAAhRD4gzQHU9SWV9xCTyCkbnTX18Sqeg5x n5 uFhAwoEtBIfLShI

A typical story in these times of inflation. You may get on Oranum, find a perfect reader that suits your budget and have to pay more at a later date for various reasons. This doesn’t always happen and it depends on the reader. On the bright side, she did say the reading was excellent, further proving that Oranum’s psychics didn’t come to play!

Oranum Psychic Readings: FAQs

In this section we answer some frequently asked questions about Oranum to help you make an informed decision.

What Is Oranum?

Oranum is a psychic reading platform known for its intriguing live video sessions. They’ve provided an assortment of psychic reading services for over 10 years.

Is Oranum Safe?

Yes, Oranum is safe in many ways. 

The first is when it comes to keeping your personal information safe. 

Oranum collects, uses, stores, and shares whatever data you provide to them, following all applicable domestic and international data protection laws

The Second is that Oranum provides private readings with excellent psychics you can trust. 

Many other psychic websites like to say the same and brag about screening their readers, but how can you be sure that’s true?

Oranum actually lets you try out their psychics for yourself in short, free live sessions via their free live video chat room. 

There you not only get to ask one free chat question of a live psychic, but you can also hang out and watch while other anonymous customers ask questions. 

What better way to see how good a psychic is than to see how they work with customers in mini-live sessions on video?

Another way that Oranum keeps you safe is by providing customer service 24/7 via live online chat. 

If you have a problem with anything on the site, you can relay it to Oranum immediately, and someone will get back to you. 

How Much Does an Oranum Coin Package Cost?

Oranum charges approximately $1 for 1,000 coins, but they are only available in preset packages that come in several different sizes depending on your budget. 

The smallest package contains $9.99 worth of coins (10,000) and is free by simply registering with a credit card.

After that, the other packages come in at;

  • $27.99 (with $1.99 in free credits)
  • $67.99 (with $5.99 in free credits)
  • $97.99 (with $7.99 in free credits). 

Are Oranum Advisors Accurate?

Yes, many of the Oranum reviews online are positive regarding the accuracy of their psychic readings. 

However, it’s possible to check out just how good their psychics are for free. 

Oranum’s free live chat room allows you to either participate and/or sit in on mini-live sessions where you can witness firsthand how accurate a particular psychic may be. 

As far as Oranum is concerned, claims are claims, but seeing is believing. 

Is There An Oranum App?

Yes, Oranum has an app available for iOS and Android that you can download for free on either the App Store (for Os 8.0 or later) or Google play. 

The Oranum app lets you chat with psychics live, see continuously updated esoteric articles, be notified when your favorite psychic is online, and more. 

How Do I Deal With Oranum?

Oranum is a relatively simple psychic reading site to deal with

Everything is right there on their homepage. 

For readings, you can either scroll down to the Psychic Match filter for an immediate match or browse through the numerous psychics pictured on the home page. 

Once you have selected a psychic, you only need to click on “start session,” and you will be walked through the easy registration process. 

Payment is also easy

Once you have registered with a credit card, there are several prepaid packages to choose from, and then it’s off to the races with your reading. 

Are There Any Free Psychics in Oranum?

Yes, there are free Oranum psychics and free credits on the site. 

It begins with the free live chat room where every Oranum reader essentially gives free chat sessions for at least one question.

Once you choose a reader and register, Oranum will then give you 10,000 free coins (or $9.99 in free credit) to use toward your reading before you are charged a cent.

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Are Oranum Psychics Fake Or Reliable? The Verdict

Oranum has provided dependable, accurate online psychic readings for over a decade. 

Admittedly they’re not as experienced as some other sites, but to be around for that long, you have to be doing something right.

Plus, they have a niche.

Oranum is the top site for video readings. From their free live video chat room to private readings on video, they’ve pretty much single-handedly brought old-school face-to-face readings into the digital age. 

And they’ve kept it affordable, which is very important in these difficult economic times.

So if worries about the future are circling around in your head like ravens on a cloudy day, maybe it’s time to let the magic at Oranum happen to you.

From dream interpretation to Tarot readings and more, Oranum may be able to help you experience energies unlike any you’ve known with a psychic.

Test out the top psychics we’ve recommended in this Oranum review and see for yourself. 

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