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Updated on November 27, 2023

Some questions are better left unanswered. But some questions might as well drive us crazy with how much they can plague our minds. 

When there are a bunch of question marks around you, it’s a good idea to seek the help of online psychics for answers and direction. 

So, we’ve personally tried and tested some of the best sites where you can ask free psychics questions about love, career, money, and more.

The best part about it all? You can get answers and messages from your spirit guides without the hassle of an in-person appointment.

Kasamba tops our list with its accurate psychic readings on love and relationships. 

Many relationships have received a nudge in the right direction from their professional online psychics.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

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Where To Ask a Free Psychic Question Online 

First Look

  • Kasamba – Ask a free question about love (20+ years of experience)
  • Psychic Source – Get help to solve your family issues
  • AskNow – Get a 5-minute career-related answer for free
  • Keen – Get money advice from top-rated experts
  • Oranum – 10,000 coins to ask up to 3 free questions

1. Kasamba – Ask a Free Psychic Question About Love

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  • More than 2 decades of experience 
  • 3 minutes of FREE psychic reading
  • 70% OFF on a longer session
  • Access live advisors 24/7
  • Mobile app for on-the-go readings 
  • Thorough client reviews
  • Expert on love and relationships 


  • No video psychic readings

It has been almost 25 years since Kasamba opened its free online psychic readings. And millions of clients have sought Kasamba’s help for their romantic concerns and relationship problems. 

The online psychics and psychic mediums on Kasamba are skilled in various spiritual practices like dream psychic readings, Astrology readings, tarot readings, and more. Love messages are channeled through these tools, and they can sometimes be creepily accurate. 

Kasamba’s Psychic Network 

Kasamba’s list of professional online psychics contains hundreds of experts ready to hear about your romantic queries. In addition, you can satisfy your most specific preferences with almost 300 free psychics that use different combinations of tools to channel messages from your guides. 

>>Choose From 300+ Psychics

You don’t have to concern yourself with confidentiality issues because they are committed to your comfort and privacy. Therefore, everything you divulge to them during your sessions will stay between you and your reader only

How To Ask a Free Psychic Question About Love 

Once you visit the Psychics tab, you can scroll through hundreds of online psychics and quickly send them a chat to book your session. 

Sadly, video and phone psychic readings are not available, but their online psychic readers are committed to giving you detailed chat psychic readings nonetheless. 

Are you still waiting for the one and looking for answers?

Select their Soulmate Connections category to be brought to online psychics who are skilled in the field. Other categories include Cheating & Affairs, and Marital Life. 

Create an account, read psychic profiles, and chat with your preferred psychic reader. 

You get free psychic readings for 3 minutes and 50% off of your remaining minutes on your first session.

>>Get 3 FREE Minutes: Kasamba

Zodiac Sign Forecasts 

Those interested in Astrology can expect consistent free psychic love readings for the signs from Kasamba’s resident Astrology experts. See if your sun sign and your lover’s sun sign are romantically and sexually compatible with these helpful forecasts. 

LGBTQ+ Friendly 

There is no place for discrimination in Kasamba, and they have professionals that focus on Gay and Lesbian readings. Reviews have commended Kasamba for this inclusive quality.

Kasamba Blog 

Learn about the tools your online psychic readers use with blog articles. You can understand your messages better with a bit of background information about the craft.

Information Pages 

Kasamba guides its clients on how to make the most out of their free psychic readings by providing tips and tricks on what to prepare, what to expect, and what to ask

2. Psychic Source – Ask One Free Psychic Question About Family

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  • The oldest website with 3 decades of experience
  • 3 minutes FREE psychic reading online
  • Get insights on family issues
  • Money-back guarantee 
  • Free psychics are screened thoroughly 
  • $1 per minute for longer readings 


  • Video spiritual readings are not always available 

Psychic Source is known as a jack of all trades

But their free psychic reading for family and relationships receives the best reviews. This can apply to those with blood relations or even a group of friends that you’ve grown extremely close to. 

We commend their fresh interface, which is a breeze to navigate, even for people who are not technologically savvy.

Psychic Source’s Psychic Network

Those who have encountered issues with their relationships with their parents, have a disconnect with siblings, can’t get through to their children, or generally want a forecast of the family’s future can ask Psychic Source’s readers for a free psychic reading.

Their psychic mediums can also allow you to talk to your deceased relatives. 

How To Ask a Free Psychic Question About Family 

Create an account and head over to the filters page. Select the Relationships & Family filter to see experts in the field. You may prepare pictures of your family members or any persons of interest before the reading to give the reader more material to work from. 

List down specific questions, birthdates, special events, and anything you want your reader to know about so you’ll be ready to make the most out of your limited time. 

Get a free psychic reading for the first 3 minutes and $1/minute afterward. 

>>3 FREE Minutes on Psychic Source

Psychic Source Updates 

Psychic Source provides updates on the achievements and collaborations of the site to keep their clients updated on upcoming improvements. 

Money-Back Guarantee 

Any reading that is not up to par with their standards can be given full money back and exchanged for another free psychic reading.

Personality Tests 

Learn about your sun, moon, and rising sign, what crystal fits your personality best, and more with their creative personality tests on the site.

Video Chat 

Choose online psychic readings with video as your mode of communication for more interactive sessions. Not every reader offers this, but you can always browse through more advisors who are more than willing to chat with you through video. 

3. AskNow – Ask One Free Psychic Question About Careers

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  • Well-established since 2005
  • 5 minutes of FREE psychic reading online 
  • Screens their psychics thoroughly 
  • Detailed profiles and background information
  • Quick booking 24/7
  • $1 per minute psychic reading


  • Roster of free psychics can be visually improved 

Questions on our journeys as professionals can’t be helped. AskNow specializes in spiritual readings in career, and they have been experts on this for almost 20 years. 

Free psychics and psychic mediums here mostly use Tarot card readings, Astrology readings, and Dream Interpretations, but others offer more obscure services like Reiki healing and Palmistry. 

AskNow’s Psychic Network 

AskNow groups their free psychics depending on their skills and reviews from customers.

Top-rated, Elite, and Master readers all have different price points at which they can be booked. Anyone can have a psychic reader compatible with them at any budget. 

Top-rated advisors offer the lowest prices. Some even ask you to pay only what you can.

However, regardless of the category of readers you choose, you can still get a free psychic reading for the first 5 minutes and enjoy introductory packages at $1 per minute

>>Get 5 FREE Minutes on AskNow

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How To Ask a Free Psychic Question About Your Career 

AskNow has advanced filters so you can see Top-rated, Elite, and Master readers separately. 

Make your search more specific by selecting availability and communication method. They offer no video psychic readings, but phone and chat readings are always available. 

The Careers and Goals category is one of the most heavily-used filters on the site. After selecting that filter, skim through the readers’ profiles to know if they’re skilled at providing the service you are seeking. 

Language Change

You can enjoy the site in Spanish if receiving the free psychic reading in this language is more convenient for you. 

Articles on Spiritual Tools 

If, after receiving your psychic reading, you become interested in the tools and abilities your reader used, such as online tarot readings and crystal work, you can learn from blog articles that educate clients on how these are performed.

Cheap Packages 

AskNow welcomes new clients with $1 per minute packages to get a detailed psychic reading online if you have more questions to ask after the first 5 free minutes.

Virtual Site Tour 

Video guides are available on the site to teach visual learners how to navigate AskNow. 

4. Keen – Ask A Free Psychic Question About Money

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  • More than 20 years of experience
  • 3 minutes of FREE psychic reading online 
  • Mobile application available on all devices 
  • Best online psychic readings on finances and prosperity 
  • Reviewed by popular publications
  • Only $1.99 for 10-minute sessions


  • Often fully-booked 

Like Kasamba, Keen has spent decades mastering the art of online psychic readings. 

They always strive to improve their features and maintain an updated interface to keep the experience convenient and memorable. 

On Keen, the online psychics and psychic mediums are the best at Numerology and Tarot readings. But crystal healing, crystal gazing, and Palmistry have been all the rage within their pool of online psychics. 

Meanwhile, the all-time most requested topic is finances and prosperity

Keen’s Psychic Network 

Thousands of online psychics provide their services on the Keen website. More than 2 dozen psychic readers specialize in Money and Financial Outlook to answer your money questions and help you attract wealth. 

If you want to be better at managing your income, need to manifest a raise, or want to sell property, just use their advanced filters to be brought to psychic advisors with money as their main topic of expertise. 

Otherwise, use the Match Quiz to narrow down your choice of psychic readers with more specific parameters.

You can get free psychic readings online for 3 minutes.

>>Get 3 FREE Minutes on Keen

Alternatively, paid psychic readings go for as low as $1.99 for 10 minutes, which is great if your question needs a bit more detail than 3 minutes can provide.

How To Ask a Free Question About Money 

To avail of Keen’s free psychic readings online, you would have to create an official account. Then, visit the Advisor page and use the advanced filters to narrow down your choices to Money and Prosperity or Financial Outlook experts. 

These experts further detail their services in their full profiles. 

You can opt for phone or chat psychic readings, depending on what is permitted by your time and preference. A lot of people have said that getting to talk with their advisors via phone improved the connection and therefore brought free psychic readings that resonated well. 

Booking Convenience

Advanced appointments for free psychic readings can be made if your preferred reader is currently not available. Grab your free psychic reading slots early to avoid long lines. 

Filter Choices

If you need a more detailed answer on a budget, you can go for psychic readers that offer their services at a lower price. Just use their advanced filters and select your price range. 

>>Browse Cheap Psychics on Keen

Money-Back Guarantee

Keen promises to return your money and free psychic reading online if your session does not go well. Just approach their customer support for requirements to claim the satisfaction guarantee. 

Advice on Website Use

3 free minutes are a good deal and let you get a simple answer to your most pressing question at no cost. Keen advises on how to maximize your free and paid spiritual readings with their tips.

5. Oranum – Ask a Free Psychic Question About Self Healing

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  • More than 10 years of experience 
  • LIVE chat rooms free for all
  • Immersive video psychic readings
  • 10,000 coins to ask up to 3 questions
  • FREE demos for sample psychic readings 


  • Limited reviews from previous clients 

Video chats are rare in the world of free online psychic readings. However, Oranum is the world’s most visited platform that offers this. On top of this, these video psychic readings can be accessed 24/7 by readers around the world. 

As long as you’re of legal age, you can avail of Oranum’s best psychic reading services without any problems. 

Oranum’s Psychic Network 

They say your energy reflects physically. 

Video psychic readings are the best way to communicate with your reader because it provides both visual and auditory information to them. More information can result in more accurate answers to your psychic questions. 

Get to know them with videos posted on their profiles if you want to see and hear them in action. 

How To Ask a Free Psychic Question About Self Healing

After creating your account, narrow down your potential readers by selecting the Healing filter. Sort them by rating and points to see the most popular readers for your preferred category. 

You can also select the tools they use, like tarot readings, crystals, or pendulums. 

Send a message and book your session with an advisor that catches your attention. You may be asked to prepare personal totems before your healing session, so always stay connected with your reader before your schedule. 

Video Streams 

Free live streams of readers doing a psychic reading can be accessed on the Oranum site. Join the streams and drop some of your coins to have your questions answered in real time. 

Additionally, you get 10,000 FREE coins for signing up – which allows you to ask not one but up to three questions.

>>Get 10,000 Coins FREE

Extra Socialization 

Readers provide extra platforms for you to connect with them. Visit their blogs, Twitter, Instagram, and more for a peek into their daily lives. 

Save Your Favorite Reader

You can add your readers to a Favorites list for easy access when you want to avail of their services again. 

Real-Time Chat

Readers are available 24/7. Send them a message and expect replies quickly.

Ask a Psychic a Free Question – How We Chose Our Top Picks

Here are some of the criteria that guided our decision-making process while selecting the best online psychic reading sites on which to ask a genuine free psychic question.

Availability of Real Free Psychic Questions

All the psychic websites we’ve listed let you have a free online psychic reading with any expert you like for a few minutes.

While these trial periods are relatively short, they’re enough to get an answer to your most pressing question.

Legitimate Specialties

How many psychics does a website have, and what do they specialize in?

Indeed, free psychic readers that claim to specialize in everything are generally not as accurate.

Additionally, If they claim to be the best online psychics in a certain field, do their reviews back that up?

Free Features

Is there a list of the site’s free features that you can get a free psychic reading from?

Do horoscopes exist, and if so, how accurate are they? How often can you use them? We also looked for interactive elements, like artificial intelligence oracles.

Basically, what makes the website worth your time and keeps you exploring it?

Screening Process for Psychics

When looking for a psychic reader, how can you tell whether they’re genuine?

You have a right to know whether the site you are visiting screens its readers since the questions you ask are likely crucial.

It is our opinion that all online psychic reading platforms should routinely test the talents of their readers.

Psychic Site Experience

Our list includes psychic reading services ranging in age from 10 years to 30 years, with 30 years being the oldest.

Both have been around long enough to be deemed established despite the fact that they have gone through “a flash in the pan” and “fashionable” phases.

We are confident in the credentials shown for each rated psychic service when you get a free psychic reading.

All of them provide high-quality readings from genuine psychics, as well as free minutes or discounts to try them out.

>>Get 3 FREE Minutes on Kasamba

Free Psychic Questions by Phone – FAQ

If you still have questions about free psychic questions online, this FAQ section should provide more information to help you make and informed decision.

Where Can I Ask a Psychic a Free Question?

You can ask a psychic a free question on any of the following websites, which are all reputable with 20+ years of experience:

  • Kasamba – Accurate love psychics for relationship issues.
  • AskNow – Great website for career questions and tarot readings.
  • Keen  – Get help on improving your finances.

Are Free Psychic Readings Accurate?

Yes, free psychic readings are often accurate as long as you get them from reputable websites such as Kasamba and Keen.

This is due to the fact that many reputable psychic websites employ free readings as a marketing strategy to pique interest.

Professional psychics will thus make an effort to provide the most accurate readings possible during their free readings in order to persuade clients to join up for a lengthier paid online psychic reading session.

On the other hand, a free psychic reading online performed by amateurs on social media sites like Facebook may also sometimes be precise. However, they are often ambiguous and occasionally deceptive.

Are Psychics Always Right?

No, psychics are not always right, as they are not all-knowing.

“All-knowing” is a descriptive phrase often used to refer to the notion of an eternal god who sees and knows everything.

This principle serves as a guidance and inspiration for those looking to improve their lives in the majority of modern faiths.

However, even the most gifted psychics are simply human and consequently have the same potential for error as the rest of us.

What Kind of Free Psychic Question Can I Ask?

You are free to ask whatever question you like during free readings. However, it is definitely ideal to ask about something that is important to you.

For instance;

  • Will I find love in the next 12 months?
  • Will my present employment provide me with any prospects in the future?
  • Can I still trust a close friend who has been behaving strangely lately?

The purpose of an online psychic reading isn’t always to provide you with definitive answers to your queries. 

Instead, an online psychic reading should provide you with spiritual direction and psychological understanding to aid in your decision-making for your future progress.

>>Get 3 FREE Minutes on Kasamba

What To Avoid When Asking a Free Psychic Question?

What not to do while having a free psychic reading is listed below.

Talking Too Much

Free psychic reading websites only give you a few minutes to ask your question. Make sure to formulate a concise question in advance before letting the psychic reader take the lead.

Having Unrealistic Expectations

Expecting miraculous psychic predictions makes it simple to ignore any possible sage and perceptive advice from your psychic.

Even the most accurate readings sometimes serve to increase self-awareness rather than make set-in-stone psychic predictions.

Not Being Prepared

Make sure all the tools you’ll need are ready to use before you start a free psychic reading online.

If it’s a phone psychic reading, make sure your headphones and internet connection are working.

If it’s a free psychic chat, make sure your phone or laptop is fully charged.

Last but not least, make sure that you document the talk in some way, whether it be by taking notes, keeping a transcript of the chat, or recording what is said during the psychic reading.

>>Get 3 FREE Minutes on Kasamba

What Are the Benefits of Free Psychic Questions Online?

First, a free psychic question online may not only provide you with a fresh perspective on the world around you, but it can also motivate you to conduct an in-depth investigation of your own psyche and spirituality.

But a free online psychic question comes with other advantages, some of which are listed below.

It Can Put Your Life Into Perspective

How many times have you been so depressed from worrying all day long?

The ancient adage, “Don’t sweat the small stuff,” is true. A good psychic reader may assist you in escaping a constrained perspective and realizing this.

You Will Feel More Connected

The idea that we are all a part of something larger is a fundamental spiritual tenet.

It’s simple to feel unconnected, helpless, and hopeless when you’re angry or unhappy.

Asking a free psychic question online may help us change our situation into something more than we first imagined.

You Will Feel More Empowered

Do you think that each of us has the power to create the kind of life that we desire for ourselves?

An accurate online psychic reading can assist you in gaining a deeper understanding of the power within you.

The power to say “no” to things that disrespect you while simultaneously saying “yes” to opportunities is a magnificent deed.

An online psychic reading is a sacred ritual that has the power to help you connect with your best self and answer any free psychic questions you may have.

>>Get 3 FREE Minutes on Kasamba

Are Free Psychic Questions By Phone Better Than Chat Readings?

No, phone psychic readings are not better than chat readings per se – it’s all a matter of personal preference.

If you like talking to people and taking in information via lectures, phone psychics are a better option for you.

On the other hand, chat psychics are probably going to be more appealing to those who like reading and writing.

Is Fortune Telling Real?

Yes, it is possible to accurately predict portions of the future of another person, sometimes known as fortune telling or precognition.

In point of fact, in order to foretell the events of the future, psychics have been making use of esoteric practices and objects like crystal balls, Tarot cards, tea leaves, and shells for hundreds of years.

The most accurate of these fortune tellers have often attracted large followings, and many of their devotees have said that obtaining a reading from them caused a significant shift in the course of their life.

Where To Ask a Psychic a Free Question Online – Wrapping Up

Most psychics only offer a few minutes for free, after which you’d have to pay a small sum to get a more detailed answer.

Specifically, Kasamba lets you have 3 free minutes with a relationship expert. If you need more time than that, you get a 50% discount.

Do you need personalized advice?

If so, Psychic Source offers 3 free minutes plus a pretty good $1/min deal for more complicated questions.

But no matter which psychic you choose – remember to be prepared so you can get the most out of your question.

>>Get 3 FREE Minutes + 70% OFF

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