Online Activities for Pupils and Students

Updated on March 28, 2021

Today, the world is shifting from the standard way of doing things due to the global pandemic. Even institutions of higher learning are embracing the new learning methods. Students’ contribution to various activities organized by universities worldwide is essential to the education sector.

In the recent past, universities organized meetings, workshops, education presentations in a particular location. Students, tutors, and co-facilitators had to gather in large numbers to listen to the schedule and follow up on them. Currently, all these events can happen in the digital space due to technological advancements. Some of the online channels that support the activities are Zoom, Skype, Webinars, etc. Therefore, all prospective and continuing students can participate in any online meeting at the comfort of their home.

You can attend an online event, regardless of time and location. All you need is a stable Internet connection and a PC or laptop. Moreover, you need self-drive and motivation to gain knowledge since education is a significant aspect in today’s world. is ready to offer insightful tips on how to spend your time constructively at home.

Our article captures some of the critical online activities that can add value to your life as a student.


Most international universities usually hold webinars to allow potential students to understand more about their institution. It gives students a chance to interact with university representatives for a detailed presentation. 

As a student, you may wish to study abroad at a particular university in the UK. Thus, you have a chance to attend a webinar organized by the university. The online meeting usually has a set date and time for the event. 

For instance, on March 24, a UK University webinar is set to start at 17.00. The representative is Jane Gordon, and she will be ready to take the students through a Q and A session regarding the degree programs they want to pursue and their future careers. The online meeting also offers extensive information regarding various admission programs.

Below are upcoming webinars from International Universities:

  • University of Gloucestershire Day – March 24, 1700
  • Van Hall University Netherlands –  March 24-25
  • Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Italy – March 31, 17.00

To participate in these online events, you can join as a guest and enter the meeting room by following the prompts you are given.

Online Workshop

If you have poor writing skills and have to send a college application, you need professional help. There is a free online workshop coming up on the 30th of each month to teach students how to write quality personal statements.  You will gain all the necessary skills to compose a winning personal statement, an essential paper that determines your university admission worldwide.

With uncertainties in the education sector as most schools are still closed, students find it hard to access certificates and letters of references. Thus, most universities are flexing their admission requirements in terms of documents. Therefore, writing top-notch and captivating statements is now more significant in convincing the committee to select your application. 

Don’t miss out on a chance to join your dream university. Register the online workshop above in time because of limited registrations.

Online English Qualifications 

Most International universities have specific requirements for the English language as part of the admission to their programs. Thus, students have to take standardized English tests before they apply to join universities. Some of the tests include SAT, TOEFL, CAE, IELTS, etc.

Today, most of these tests happen online due to numerous centers suffering the impact of the pandemic. Hence, many universities now offer free testing tailored to meet their set of English requirements. For instance, students applying to join Universities in the USA can take the Duolingo test. 

Some universities offering alternative tests include Coventry, Solent, Northumbria, Leicester, among other top-rated universities. 

Online Courses

With technological advances, you no longer have to go to a traditional class environment to learn. You can enroll in self-paced courses for free and learn a new skill. When people are spending more time at home due to the global situation, it is essential to use your time wisely.

Some of the popular digital platforms offering free online courses are Udemy, FutureLearn, Coursera, etc. Whatever your area of specialization, there is no harm in increasing your knowledge. Sign up for any of these platforms and improve your language or entrepreneurship skills. Any way, you always may ask write my exam for me on this website and get what you need.

Virtual RIUF

It is a big university fair occurring virtually, with over 100 institutions attending online. The digital fair is the largest in Europe to have occurred online in 2020. It offers many prospective students a chance to interact with universities abroad in the comfort of their homes. 

The Virtual RIUF provides detailed information about studying abroad since students can engage the representatives for different universities via a live chat feature. Since the platform is free, you can take advantage and join webinars for different programs. You can land an admission interview anytime and get accepted to your dream university. 

The virtual meeting will happen soon, so stay vigilant business law assignment help will inform you of the next registration.

It’s Time to Go Online 

Due to the global challenges, universities are shifting to more convenient ways of engaging students. It is essential to be on the lookout for insightful webinars and events that will add value to your academics. You can visit the universities’ social media accounts to know the dates and times scheduled for the online meetings. Also, Business Law Assignment Help has professionals who can help you answer challenging questions. Staying at home is depressing and takes a toll on most students. Therefore, make yourself busy by attending the above online activities while you prepare to study abroad.

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