Dr. Simon Platt

Noted Veterinarian Dr. Simon Platt Joins Fidotek as Chief Veterinary Officer

Fidotek Corp, the pet industry’s leading Generative AI-driven Bioscience company is pleased to announce that Dr. Simon Platt, BVM&S, FRCVS has joined its executive team as Chief Veterinary Officer.

Fidotek is a pioneering force and patent leader in the burgeoning $130B pet industry.

If dogs could talk, they could tell their parents what pet food they like best, and when they are hurt and need to see their doctor.

Fidotek’s exclusive pet database and advanced AI is the groundbreaking platform that finally gives dogs a voice, figuratively and literally. It revolutionizes early disease detection, and even allows dogs to choose their own favorite food, treats and toys using our data. The company’s cutting-edge veterinary telemedicine system will deliver real-time health insights to both pet parents and veterinarians, accelerating clinical diagnosis while reducing pet pain, suffering and treatment costs. It revolutionizes the established order by delivering formerly unattainable instant and historical pet health insights to pet parents and veterinarians, individualizes food and other products for each pet, and helps accelerate the development of next-generation medications.

Dr. Platt is a veterinary pioneer, recognized internationally for his work, including his over 200 journal articles in veterinary neurology with a specialty focus on canine epilepsy and seizure disorders. He is Diplomate of ACVIM (Neurology) and ECVN, being a recognized RCVS, EBVS® & ACVIM veterinary neurology specialist. He is also Co-Head at Vetoracle Teleneurology, Medical Director at Hallmarq Advanced Veterinary Imaging, and is Editor in Chief of Today’s Veterinary Practice journal.

Dr. Platt notes: “Pet owner observations are subjective and too often fail to identify pet illnesses, falling short in capturing vital data which veterinarians need for streamlining in-clinic diagnosis. Veterinarians also lack real-time treatment monitoring capabilities. I believe that Fidotek’s data-driven tech could be the big game-changer in delivering real-time, objective health insights for pet owners and vets, and I’m excited to steer the medical functionality of this pioneering effort.”

As Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr. Platt will spearhead Fidotek’s veterinary operations group, and will assume all responsibilities associated with pet health and wellness including the company’s predictive diagnostics technology, field clinical trial services to accelerate drug development, and the company’s telemedicine solutions, all powered by artificial intelligence. He will also advise Fidotek’s technology development teams and ensure the company’s compliance with applicable state and federal veterinary regulations.

Andy Gibbs, Fidotek’s CEO, stated, “Dr. Platt’s credentials and leadership skills add enviable depth to our senior development and operations team. More importantly, he has a keen understanding of the seismic impact that our technology will have not only on the veterinary community but on dominating digital pet health across the entire pet industry.”

Fidotek is committed to deliver the most consequential change in the 1,000-year evolution of the human-animal bond.

About Fidotek:

Fidotek www.fidotek.com is an “early stage” Generative AI Bioscience company headquartered in Arizona. With a long-term mission of serving 90 million US dogs (living in 65 million homes), its focus is to give a voice to 2 million dogs over the next few years, helping them live happier, healthier, and longer. The company’s game-changing ecosystem will reach across and disrupt pet retail products, veterinary care, animal drug development, and pet health insurance sectors of the $130B pet industry. It has been granted seven US patents and has additional patents pending. In collaboration with the University of Arizona, College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM), the company will provide its proprietary data to support the University’s efforts to develop tomorrow’s digital wellness programs and protocols for the next generation of veterinarians.

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