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Nava Benefits Appoints Patrick Kehoe as Chief Operating Officer

Nava Benefits today announced an expansion of its executive team with the addition of Patrick Kehoe as Chief Operating Officer. Patrick brings more than two decades of leadership experience scaling high-growth service and technology organizations. At Nava, he will be responsible for scaling the company’s benefit consulting , client success and operations teams to deliver more modern affordable healthcare benefits to employers. 

While larger companies have the resources, finances, and bandwidth to discover and implement modern benefit innovation, those benefits haven’t trickled down to smaller employers. Health insurance premiums have risen three times faster than wages in the past decade, forcing many small employers to choose between the health of their business and the health of their employee. Nava is leveraging technology and people to radically challenge the traditional benefits broker model and provide affordable access to healthcare benefit innovation for employers of all sizes. 

“Healthcare and benefit innovation is not making its way down market, which is leading to spiraling costs for many employers and frustrating experiences for their employees,” said Brandon Weber, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Nava Benefits. “We’ve built Nava to fix that, and to do so we must reimagine the industry’s approach to client success and service delivery. With Patrick joining, we’re able to bring together the best of benefits, technology and operations expertise to reimagine what is possible in our broken healthcare ecosystem and make a great impact for our clients and the industry at large.” 

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Patrick joins Nava from VTS, a commercial real estate SaaS technology company, where he served as Chief Operating Officer for over 3 years. While there, Patrick built and scaled the Customer Success and Services teams to grow the company 5x, from $25M to $100M in ARR. Before that, Patrick was SVP of Commercial Operations at Hightower, a vertical SaaS technology company, where he helped grow the company from 15 to 140 employees over 4 years and grow ARR 6x. He has 5+ years experience in management consulting with McKinsey and holds an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. 

“Brokered industries typically rely on outdated models, old technologies, and passed-down relationships. In order to truly change healthcare benefits from the inside out, you need to invest in the people, technology, and operations to reimagine the broker’s function and impact,” said Patrick. “Nava is doing just that and I’m looking forward to leveraging my expertise and joining the company’s ambitious mission.” 

Patrick’s appointment  comes on the heels of a record first half-year for Nava, following the company’s recent $40 million Series B funding round, the launch of its Nava Benefits Search Engine, and a series of strategic new hires

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