Nabla & Stratum Med Partner to Bring Ambient AI Within Reach of the Group’s Network of 12,000+ Physicians 

Updated on May 19, 2024

Nabla, the leading ambient AI assistant for practitioners, today announced a new partnership with Stratum Med Inc., a national physician-owned, physician-led collaborative of prominent medical groups. Stratum Med’s network of over 100 medical groups and clinics now has access to implement Nabla’s highly customizable AI assistant to streamline the clinical documentation process for its workforce. The Mankato Clinic is the first Stratum Med member to implement Nabla’s ambient AI assistant to its entire clinical team throughout Minnesota.

Autonomy and control over patient care quality underpins the independent medical group model.  However, there are many known and unknown administrative challenges in operating a practice, including revenue cycle management, talent recruitment, insurance navigation and negotiations, and supply chain management, which can overburden providers and derail their attention from patient care. Operational workflows also tend to exacerbate existing clinical workflows, such as electronic health record (EHR) documentation, that create more than six hours of work per week for providers outside of standard clinic hours.

Owned by 16 Midwest-based multi-specialty group practices, Stratum Med is a physician-governed organization representing upwards of 12,000 physicians across 100 medical groups. Stratum Med aims to ease the operational and administrative burdens that physicians are navigating today. The group is focused on reducing health systems’ costs, streamlining workflows, and incubating business opportunities by bringing together like-minded, high-performing medical professionals, helping its medical group network focus on high-quality care delivery.

Throughout the partnership, Stratum Med will serve in an advisory role, and grant Nabla the opportunity to leverage access to its clinical and business teams to: 

  • Facilitate clinician feedback loops 
  • Coordinate steering committees to drive product innovation through clinician assessments
  • Provide opportunities for new feature validation through pilot programs within the medical groups and physician practices
  • Inform specialty template optimization and new template development per feedback from Stratum’s physician network

Nabla will also collaborate with Stratum Med to amplify marketing efforts and accelerate adoption. Nabla will leverage the medical group’s extensive medical group network to inform customers of the ambient AI’s capabilities and success, and assist with identifying prospective customers.

“Stratum Med’s collective of innovative, future-focused professionals are the perfect advisors to Nabla,” said Dr. Andrew Lundquist, Nabla’s Clinical Director and Stratum Med’s Chief Clinical Innovation Officer. “This network not only knows what functionalities and features they need from an AI assistant to enhance workflows and free up their time, but they’re equally dedicated to restoring the joy in clinical settings and giving time back to providers to focus on their passion for practicing medicine.” 

“For an ambient AI assistant to be accepted in care delivery settings, you need to gain the trust of providers and showcase exactly how the tool is beneficial, safe, and effective,” said Alex LeBrun, co-founder and CEO, Nabla. “Nabla’s partnership with Stratum Med allows us to have organic, open conversations with users so we can continuously optimize the platform with their feedback and, ultimately, improve both the provider and patient experience.” 

About Stratum Med

Since 1996, Stratum Med, headquartered in Champaign, IL, has specialized in bringing together disparate medical groups in order to achieve success for the last 25+ years in a variety of verticals through collaboration. Owned by 17 large independent multi-specialty group practices, Stratum has remained physician-owned and physician-led expanding their reach nationally through successfully sustained relationships with over 100 medical groups and approximately 12,000 physicians and counting. Midwest-based with national outreach, Stratum aims to facilitate groundbreaking medical innovation and collaboration between high-achieving medical groups, and leverage group buying power to decrease costs. Learn more about Stratum Med at

About Nabla

Nabla is the leading ambient AI assistant, reducing practitioner stress and improving patient care. Nabla produces AI-generated clinical notes in seconds from any encounter across all specialties. Powered by proprietary LLMs, fine-tuned to the medical field, Nabla’s capabilities include AI-enabled medical coding identification and smooth EHR integrations. 

The company’s leadership includes: Alex Lebrun (CEO), with over two decades of experience building AI products, and whose companies have been acquired by Nuance (VirtuOz) and Facebook (; Delphine Groll (COO) and Martin Raison (CTO). Ed Lee, MD, MPH, who was previously CIO at The Permanente Federation, recently joined Nabla as Chief Medical Officer. He heads Nabla’s Clinical Advisory Board, formed by 20+ seasoned clinical leaders.

On the technological side, the company’s advisors include Yann LeCun, VP & Chief AI Scientist at Meta, and Tony Fadell, inventor of the iPod and former Apple executive, among others.

Nabla has raised a total of $49M, its most recent fundraising being a $30M series B led by global venture capital firm Cathay Innovation. For more information, please visit:

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