Myths about Hair Transplant

Updated on July 26, 2020

Hair transplantation is among the most consistently thriving and life-changing of all the hair loss treatments. Hair transplants nowadays can seem much natural (when performed by skilled teams). Many of us who are experiencing hair loss have considered hair transplantation as their cure to hair loss. However, several myths are unusually talked about when it comes to hair transplantation. 

A very few people have the guts to undergo the treatment. And the reason is very straight, the simple facts are not familiar to all. Most of us still have wrong impressions about it. This has prevented many suffering men and women to get back their hair through it. Thus, here are some of the most prevalent myths and facts which one should be free of-

It is not long-lasting!

Truth: Transplanted hair remains permanently the life if transferred from the safe donor area

It is a painful process! 

Truth: Nowadays it is a 100% painless method, subjected to the local anaesthesia, And if it is being done at the appropriate clinic and by the professional or doctor.

Hair is transplanted!

Truth: Grafts holding separate or several strands are transplanted.

Hair Transplant may harm the nerves of the brain!

Truth: Hair Transplant is done on the top layer of scalp far above the brain.

New hair will grow on the site of the donor!

Truth: Fresh hair will not grow from the point of extraction

After a Hair Transplant, one need to take medications throughout life.

Truth: No medication or resource is required for the transplanted hair, as these are not likely to the activities of DHT hormones which triggers hair fall

Truth: Hair transplants can hold up to a year to fully grow in, so fast results of hair transplant procedure are impossible.

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