Move the Needle!: 5 Essential Tools for Excellent Dental Care Service in 2021

Updated on December 26, 2020
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Ancient physicians of the Indus Valley civilization had been operating dental extraction as early as 7000 BCE. They used a flint drill to puncture the tooth and remove the decayed portions. Without anesthesia or numbing agents, can you imagine how painful and excruciating dentistry was before?

As humans progress through time, dental care service and operation become more efficient and less painful. The discovery of anesthesia, sedatives, and dentistry tools ease the job of the dentists and guarantees the patients’ safety. Now that modern dentistry moves the needle, you must upgrade your dental care service by combining virtual tools into modern tangible tools. 

Hence, if you’re starting a dental care clinic this 2021 and want to step up your dental practice and service, below are some of the essential tools you need for an excellent dental care service.

  1. Teledentistry Service

There are several reasons why most people with tooth and gum problems don’t visit dental clinics. The common reasons are fear of tooth extraction and needles and have disabilities or special needs. And since as a dentist whose primary concern is the health of tooth and gums, extending your hand to those who don’t have access to visiting a dentist is already a great help.

One of the benefits of offering teledentistry service is you can conduct online consultations with the patients. Instead of waiting in the long line, through this, you can talk and help your patients online and at the comfort of their homes. Moreover, after the consultation, you can set an official dental check-up or operation wherein the patient needs to show up. 

  1. Communication Software

Meanwhile, to make your service more efficient, you must get communication software to boost your dental care service. One of the best software out there is Weave, and you can get one by visiting It’s a software that’s used by the different sectors in the industry, like commerce. 

Moreover, this software offers very useful tools that’ll surely put you ahead among the dental clinics around you. It has features, such as appointment reminder and appointment setter, payment methods, and many more that are worth the price. 

  1. Painless Dentistry Tools

Besides the virtual tools, you also have to upgrade your traditional dental tools and methods into modern ones. 

One of the main reasons people are afraid of going to dental clinics is the perception of painful tooth extraction and punctured needles. Thus, removing that negative outlook of patients is crucial for your dental practice. Below are two of the tools that promote a painless dental care experience. 


Modern hospitals and clinics use a laser as an operational device. It is typically used to remove the white-cloud stuff in the eye caused by glaucoma. 

In dentistry, using the laser turns the bloody operation into a bloodless one. It’s a less painful procedure of periodontal treatment and gum recontouring. Since it uses laser light, the wound that’s created is not as extensive as regular operation. The minimal wound makes the healing process faster. 


Aichmophobia, or the fear of pointed objects, is one of the primary causes of why people disregard their pain. Whenever there’s a needle, their heart begins to pound hard and they seem to go into a rampage. 

Offering a sedation method to lessen the pain during tooth extraction or any operation calms and guarantees your patient. Instead of using a needle to inject the anesthesia, you can give it to your patient;  they could either be in full sleep or half-conscious. 

  1. 3D Printer

In a nutshell, a 3D printer is versatile equipment that is beneficial across fields in the industry. It’s a modern tool that transforms the digital file into the desired output or object by releasing thread-like overlapping materials. 

In engineering and architecture, they use 3D printers to create structural models and tools. Furthermore, in the teaching profession, teachers utilize this printer to create realia and various teaching materials. And in dentistry, 3D printers help create dentures, etc.


Dentists and patients can save money if the dental clinic has it. 

Instead of building another dental laboratory for your clinic, which would cost approximately $100,000, why not invest in a high-quality 3D printer ($20,000 to $35,000). Further, the patients will pay less because they will no longer pay for the laboratory fee whenever they avail of something that requires the use of laboratory, like dentures. 

  1. Customer Review Software

Another software that you need for your dental care service is customer review software. Its primary function is to gather the feedback or review of your previous patients. Receiving positive reviews from your former patients increases the credibility and reputation of your dental clinic. With this, there’s a high possibility that people who seek dental care services visit your clinic rather than your competitors. 


Let’s face the fact that going to a dental clinic is pretty scary. The pain, blood, and needles, bounded together, create an ultimate fear. But, with the right tool and methods, you can assure the patients that they will experience dental services with care. Nevertheless, by integrating virtual and modern tools and methods, dental care services will never be as agonizing as ancient times.

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