Money Management Tips for Recovery Addicts

Updated on July 14, 2020

When we talk about drug recovery, it is seldom that we mention financial implications. Often addicts drown their life savings in order to fund their drug addiction. Generally, as soon as they get the cash, they spend it on buying alcohol or drugs. Such behaviour causes an adverse impact on your financial stability. So money converts into a trigger that needs to be controlled. Furthermore, steps treatment services require you to put in money, making financial management an important part of the recovery process. 

Create a Budget 

A budget allows us to stay within our financial limitation. Start by determining how much money you need for the month including utilities, rent, transportation, and food. Thereafter, calculate the amount that you can dispose of in a month. Now write down the money you have in your bank account or as cash. When making budget also consider the existing and future debts you hold.

This will allow you to get a comprehensive picture of your credit. By making such calculations, you should be better able to set strict guidelines. 

Divide Optional and Mandatory 

Recovery process tempts you to spend your money on food or other items; instead of drugs or alcohol. These distractions can prove to be expensive and cross the budget that you have set for yourself. You need to take the measures to differentiate between Your NEEDS and WANTS. Create a list of things that you need, and you want, and for the time being, only stick to the things that you need for survival. 

Have Fixed Goals 

When you are not spending your money on alcohol, you are likely to have more disposal income. To ensure you do not spend it unnecessarily, establish some short and long-term goals. Try to make sure most of them need money to accomplish. When you certain goals to reach, you will be careful about how you spend your money. 

Steer Clear from Debit and Credit Cards 

With credit cards and debit cards, it has become challenging for us to spend less money. Try to keep these cards safely at home and use only in emergency situations. If you have used these cards at for treatment, then try not to use again until you have cleared your debt. 

Get Expert Assistance

It is natural for you to struggle while managing your financial condition. If you want to save money, then you should get assistance. Your family and friends can be resourceful, especially the ones who have lived on a budget. If that does not work, you can reach out to professional help. 

Getting back on track after stopping the use of drug or alcohol impacts every aspect of our lives. Financial implications are also a part of the drug recovery process that has not received much traction. With proper financial management, you can ensure that the money you save by not buying drugs is put to better use. 

Make sure you do not push too hard to get back on track as soon as you have completed the treatment program. Take one step at a time, and consider the above points to help you set a sound financial base.

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