Millennials and youth top the chart of CBD oil and CBD products’ customer base

Updated on July 15, 2020

Humans are forever engrossed in the quest for a better way of living and feeling! Keeping in mind the struggles of modern-day life, a sense of calm and peace is at stake. Stress and anxiety reside in every area of life. And the COVID-19 has added to the share of anxiety, stress, and paranoia. In the search for peace, relaxation, and stress-free state of being, millennials and the youth today have started to count on CBD oil and other CBD products as their relaxation potion. CBD today is available in the form of tinctures, gummies, candies and are safe to consume.

Normalizing CBD use

For decades, CBD and medical marijuana have had to witness mass rejection and inhibition. Neither people nor the medical fraternity was willing to listen to the claims of people or naturopaths who’ve achieved benefits with CBD use. Thanks to the umpteen social movements that has finally legalized CBD usage in many parts of the world. Today, the youth and millennials are always searching for alternative cures and solutions for minor to major health issues. And CBD has helped to resolve several physical discomforts and illnesses so far. 

The millennials today consume CBD gummies, tinctures, oil, and candies in the correct proportion. Partly because they want to experiment with a new therapeutic substance and partially because they have read extensively about the advantages of medical marijuana. If you want to know more about CBD products, you can check out

Why are the youth and millennials the leading consumers of CBD?

Reports and studies indicate that millennials and youth consume CBD more than others. The crucial reasons for this are:

  • They are less inhibited

Usually, people who still hold on to old school thinking often are in two minds about CBD. On the other hand, the youth and the millennials have a habit of reading and gathering facts. They seek and are continuously contesting facts and analyzing the same before arriving at a decision. So, with more anecdotal accounts of CBD helping people to cure pains, aches, and severe seizure attacks, the youth finds a reason to give CBD oil and other products a try. Once they can count on the benefit, they invest in CBD products from a valid source. 

  • A stress-free mind

Whether we would like to believe it or not, life for a millennial or youth is more stressful than others. Social media and academic competition result in bouts of anxiety on them. That aside, there’s peer pressure and social tensions to deal with as well. The youth needs to zone out from the toxic issues and stay calm. CBD oil and tinctures can be of great help here. It relaxes their mind and helps them to stay stress-free.

  • Healing insomnia

A huge section of the youth is addicted to their mobile phones and online entertainment series. Naturally, it costs on their sleep cycle. Others have insomnia and need a natural cure. CBD seems to address sleep issues and insomnia in a hassle-free way. Also, there are no side effects. 

Furthermore, CBD is known to cure problems related to digestion, hair and skin. These are a few reasons why the youth and millennials count on CBD products. 

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