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Updated on October 3, 2021
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People tend to gain weight as they grow older. There are many reasons for this and these changes may vary from person to person depending on environmental conditions and lifestyle. Usually, when the body is exposed to several toxins and pollutants, it reacts and gets affected. One of the most common outcomes is gaining weight and feeling lethargic all the time. 

When a person crosses 40 years of age, the effects of all these unintentionally consumed pollutants become apparent in weight and other bodily changes. Moreover, the older a person is, the more difficult it is for them to lose weight because metabolism slows down with age. With age, immune system also becomes weak and people become vulnerable to diseases. Learn Metabolic Greens Plus Benefits, Ingredients and Side Effects Here. 

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Metabolic Greens Plus Review

Considering these problems that arise as people grow old, Pure Health has introduced a revolutionary formula called Metabolic Greens Plus. This 100 percent natural formula contains only natural ingredients such as as herbs and nutrients that have one purpose only- to flush out toxic elements while boosting metabolic working. 

As soon people start taking it, the body starts burning fats and gets rid of the collection of pollutants that is making them fat. This dietary supplement contains three main types of natural agents. Firstly it contains agents that help with digestion. Secondly those that is important for detoxification. And finally those that boost energy and metabolism. 

What makes this product reliable is that it is based on research of Dr. Eric Wood, a renowned name in the medical science who has helped manufacture several natural supplements. His name definitely helps establish that this solution is not a scam because it comes from someone who is well known in the field. 

Most of the ingredients of this product are herbs and other natural ingredients known for their health benefits. One of the most important ingredients is Broccoli, a famous green vegetable that contains DIM, an element that fights xenoestrogens.

For those who don’t know, Xenoestrogens are toxins that function as estrogen and come from plastic containers and lead to increase in fat around the waist. The broccoli targets this fat and burns it off by getting rid with these toxic substances.

Another important ingredient is ginger. The function of ginger in this product is to facilitate healthy digestion which prevents the buildup of toxins and improve blood circulation. This plays a vital role in removing harmful chemicals from the body.

Next, this formula also contains curcumin which helps reduce joints pain and improves the functioning of the heart. Moreover, it not only detoxifies the liver but also prevents it from getting clogged with toxins. Curcumin also has antioxidant properties that make it a very useful agent that removes toxins and facilitates weight loss. 

Manufacturers have also added black pepper extract with the sole purpose of increasing the bioavailability of the product. In other words, it facilitates the absorption of other ingredients and ensures that they work at their full potential and provide maximum benefits. 

The product also contains Bitter melon which has history and reputation of working as an amazing digestion agent. It improves digestive health, balances blood sugar, and facilitates targeted weight loss, removing stubborn belly fat. 

The addition of white tea in this formula further boosts its weight loss properties. This ingredient helps get rid of impurities and boosts metabolism. White tea is an amazing natural product for overall physical as well as mental health. 

Finally, cinnamon is also one of the ingredients worth mentioning. It plays a vital role in absorption of fats, sugar, and calories and supports weight loss. Moreover, it ensures that people don’t gain weight again even when they eat foods that are high in calories.

It’s also important to note that the product also contains a blend of powerful probiotics such as lactobacillus acidophilus, lactobacillus salivarius, bifidobacterium lactis, bifidobacterium bifidum, lactobacillus rhamnosus, lactobacillus plantarum, and lactobacillus plantarum.

Other than these essential ingredients, the supplement also contains an energy boosting blend that includes strawberry, raspberry, and beetroot. Since all these ingredients are natural, people don’t have to worry at all about any harmful reaction or negative side effects. To put it simply, these great ingredients work together to support digestion, metabolism, detoxification and weight loss naturally.

This dietary supplement comes in the form of a powder that is made into drink out by adding one teaspoon of it into a glass of water. It tastes good and can be consumed at any time without any problems. There is no need for any complicated diet that is necessary to use with this product, however it is advisable to maintain a reasonably healthy diet. 

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  • Supports healthy levels of inflammation 
  • Reduces occasional bloating 
  • Promotes healthy digestion
  • Boosts mood and improves mental well-being 
  • Makes people feel energetic and helps stay focused 
  • Boosts immunity and protects against diseases 
  • Promotes longevity 
  • Completely natural formula with no harmful components.
  • Guaranteed for safety and effectiveness. 
  • Made in a GMP certified and FDA approved facility.
  • Easy to consume and has no complications 
  • Facilitates weight loss and boosts metabolism
  • Helps get rid of harmful toxins in the body
  • Improves overall physical and mental health 


The product is available in various deals. People can buy a single bottle for $39 which lasts for a month. Wise customers can choose from more economical discounted bulk deals. People can buy three-bottle deal and pay $34 for each bottle. Or they can opt for even more discounted six-bottle deal with which the cost of each bottle becomes $29. The more people buy, the more money they can save. The product comes with a one year money back guarantee so that unsatisfied customers can return the product and get their money back. 


Without any doubt Metabolic Greens Plus by Pure Health Research is a revolutionary natural dietary supplement with great health benefits. For all those concerned about their increased weight and other health issues with aging, this product can help them transform their lives. It will not only help them lose weight but also improve their overall health by detoxifying their body from harmful toxins and boosting their metabolism. Its an effective, safe and reliable product manufactured in a FDA approved facility.

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