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Mesotherapy for hair loss

Mesotherapy for hair is the administration of injections into the scalp that improve circulation to the scalp, the condition of the skin and contain micronutrients and vitamins that are essential for healthy skin and hair.

This treatment aims to stimulate hair growth and improve hair follicles. Hair mesotherapy stops hair loss, supplies the hair with the necessary nutrition, stimulates blood circulation, strengthens the hair, makes it thick and healthy, and normalizes the functioning of the sebaceous glands of the scalp. This procedure is suitable for all hair types.

Hair meso is one of the most powerful ways to affect hair regrowth. Three main factors are responsible for hair growth:

  • Genetics.
  • Hormonal background.
  • The work of hair follicles.
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As you know, it is very difficult to influence hormones and genetics. Or almost impossible. However, meso can affect exactly the hair follicle.

When is it better to do hair mesotherapy?

You need to have an idea of ​​what it is intended to understand when it is better to do mesotherapy for hair loss:

  • For the treatment of scalp diseases.
  • Strengthening the bulbs.
  • Improvements in hair structure.
  • Accelerating hair growth.
  • Preventing their loss.
  • Treating alopecia or hair loss.
  • Hair restoration

All this is ensured by introducing therapeutic cocktails into the skin, selected individually for each person.

To find out when is the best time to do meso and whether it is worth doing it at all in your case, consult with a professional. Take seriously choosing a doctor who will advise you and carry out the procedure, since ineptly performed mesotherapy has several side effects, burns, bruises, nausea and vomiting, necrosis, the development of infections, etc.

How often can mesotherapy be done?

It depends on how effective the previous mesotherapy treatment was for you. If performed by a professional and the injected substances were of high quality, you will most likely not have to repeat the course of treatment earlier than nine months later. If everything was not so high quality, then, perhaps, the procedures will be needed again in six months.

Consult your doctor to find out how mesotherapy works to avoid possible side effects. It depends on the condition of the hair and skin.

What should not be done after mesotherapy for hair?

  • Do not wash your hair for two to three days after mesotherapy; you cannot even use dry shampoos to achieve the positive effects of mesotherapy. Exposure to water and any detergents and styling agents can get into micro-wounds and infection or simply reduce the effectiveness of therapy. It will also slow down the healing of the scars.
  • Do not visit the sauna for a week, or rather two; refrain from sessions in steam rooms, as there are many bacteria, fungi, and microbes living there. Plus, steam isn’t good for healing.
  • Don’t massage your head. Refusal to massage concerns only the head; you can massage the body. Mechanical impact on the scalp in the first weeks is contraindicated, at least until the wounds heal.
  • Don’t sunbathe. It doesn’t matter if you tan in the open sun or a tanning bed; ultraviolet rays are not good for your skin, especially if it is damaged.
  • Do not drink alcohol its provokes vasodilation, which negatively affects the regeneration process and the overall results of therapy.

Benefits of mesotherapy

The main advantage of this therapy is that with the help of injections, it is possible to deliver all the beneficial substances directly to the hair follicles. No super-powerful shampoos, balms, masks, serums can compare with the effect of meso.

The drug works exactly where it is needed because mesotherapy can be carried out on local areas, pattern baldness, and stimulates hair growth.

Hair comes to life and becomes qualitatively better after the first session. Shine appears, and dullness disappears. Nevertheless, you will notice the first significant results no earlier than in a month. And if you are worried about baldness, then the specialist must individually make a forecast for your specific case.

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