Medivant Health: An Arizona-Based Pharmaceutical Leader Tackling Drug Shortages

Updated on November 2, 2023

Over the last few years, Medivant Health has established itself as a rising star in the pharmaceutical industry for its work addressing drug shortages across the United States. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Medivant manufactures and supplies generic injectable medications to healthcare systems around the country. Through the use of advanced technology and automation, the company has been able to reliably produce affordable generic drugs that are critical for patient care.

Since its founding in 2015, Medivant has experienced impressive growth, now employing over 70 staff members and operating two large manufacturing facilities in Arizona. The company’s main 55,000-square-foot facility in Mesa contains innovative sterile injectable manufacturing equipment and systems to ensure quality standards are consistently met. Medivant also operates a second smaller facility in Tempe focused on vial manufacturing.

Across its two locations, the pharmaceutical firm has manufactured over 10 million vials and pre-filled syringes to date – an incredible achievement in just a few short years. “When we started Medivant, our mission was to help address shortages of essential generic medicines,” said CEO Viraj Gandhi. “We’re proud to have already made millions of vials to serve hospitals & healthcare providers and patients across the country.”

The company produces vials ranging from 1mL to 30mL in size and pre-filled syringes from 0.05mL to 2.25mL. Some of its most in-demand generic injectable products include Lidocaine with Epinephrine, Bupivacaine with Epinephrine, ketamine, bupivacaine, sterile water, sodium chloride, and more. Medivant also provides contract manufacturing services to other pharmaceutical firms looking to outsource production.

Powering Medivant’s quality and efficiency is the use of advanced automation, technology, and digitized systems across its manufacturing operations. The company utilizes robotic systems for precision measurement and filling of vials and syringes. Automated vision inspection systems then examine each product to catch any defects and ensure consistency.

Medivant also regularly re-qualifies all equipment and systems every 6 months, adhering to strict FDA and cGMP regulations. “Our investments in technology and automation enable us to meet the highest quality standards, while still remaining affordable and efficient,” Gandhi explained.

As the company looks ahead to the future, their primary goal is scaling up production capacity to meet growing demand across the country. “Our aim is to strategically expand our manufacturing abilities to address more drug shortages and serve even more hospitals and health systems,” said Gandhi.

Medivant also remains dedicated to maintaining reliable supply chains, even amidst global shortages, pandemics, and other external factors. “Healthcare providers know they can depend on us for the essential medications their patients need,” explained Gandhi.

With its impressive growth and capabilities, Medivant has cemented itself as a leader in tackling drug shortages through generic injectable manufacturing. The company’s investments in its facilities, equipment, and expert employees will allow Medivant to continue making a difference in healthcare for years to come.

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