Medical Answering Services: What Is It?

Updated on March 18, 2023

The healthcare industry has some of the busiest office hours. A medical practice’s administrative and back-end employees must constantly juggle a wide variety of responsibilities to ensure the seamless operation of the business. It isn’t easy to handle without a massive support team. Because of this, many medical offices now use a doctor answering service to handle administrative duties.

What Is a Medical Answering Service?

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The creation of the doctor answering service in the USA was a huge step forward that has benefited countless individuals all over the globe and in several fields. There are various types of answering services, including those catering to the medical industry, small companies, real estate, and even charitable organizations. When a company hires an answering service, the company gains an extra set of ears to field calls from customers, clients, and other interested parties.

The Procedure Of An Answering Service

Telecommunications technology is used by answering services to aid companies. Businesses use a variety of answering services for various reasons. A business may utilize an online answering service or an automated phone system to handle consumer inquiries and provide answers to frequently asked queries.

Some businesses use answering services staffed by real people to handle calls from customers with more complex inquiries or niche specialities. The caller shall be given every opportunity to resolve their issue before being sent to the business office, and those services will go above and beyond to do this. If they cannot answer a customer’s inquiry, they may ask for a note to be left.

What Responsibilities Are Handled By Medical Office Answering Services?

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  • The level of satisfaction of patients

It’s easy to lose sight of the forest for the trees when you’re a healthcare provider trying to strike a balance between the needs of your patients and the demands of your bottom line. Medical care revolves around the needs of patients. Not having any patients would severely limit the effectiveness of your medical practice.

An answering service may provide prompt assistance if a patient has any queries after leaving your clinic, such as what to do if they’ve forgotten their medication’s dose.

Patients are noticeably happier with the services given when they know they can obtain help whenever needed, even if they don’t have an appointment. To have their issues heard and addressed by actual people makes them feel valued and cared for.

  • Constant response time

Medical facilities are often open during regular business hours. Most healthcare workers are quite busy at these times, as they must move quickly from one appointment to another and do other vital in-person responsibilities to keep the practice running smoothly. Most doctors can’t take the time to talk to each patient and address their queries. 

Consider using a medical answering service to ensure that patients can always reach a real person when they call. In addition, medical answering services are usually accessible around the clock, so you can always reach someone to assist patients who call in the middle of the night, on the weekend, or in an emergency.

  • Taking messages

Patients who often reach your voicemail while contacting your office may get agitated. They probably want to get their word out to the workplace via a live person. Anytime a medical professional has to leave a message, they may use a 24/7 answering service. Knowing they can obtain a quick response to their issue or concern is reassuring to patients.

  • Help quickly

In the case of a medical emergency, speed is of the essence. When patients know they can reach a medical practitioner at any time, regardless of the day or time, they feel more at ease.

Patients’ frustration and dissatisfaction rise when they are kept waiting for extended periods. Quickly responding to patients’ needs is crucial in the medical field. If you’re a doctor or nurse, you need to know that your medical answering service is taking detailed notes and relaying them to you as soon as possible.

Positive comments about your medical center will be made if you can answer all calls quickly and competently. If you have a medical answering service with educated agents, you can be certain that all of your patients will be content. You may now provide better treatment for your patients due to this.

  • Cost reduction

The healthcare sector is under significant cost-cutting pressure. An efficient medical answering service may help you choose a solution that fits your budget without sacrificing quality and vice versa.

The time your medical team spends fielding patient calls may be better spent treating or focusing on other aspects of patient care. Training a new medical response specialist team will require additional time, money, and effort.

A reliable medical answering service has well-established procedures and protocols to guarantee the task is done well and on time. In the long run, using a medical answering service can help you save money on payroll and avoid legal trouble.

  • Complying with the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules

All medical facilities must adhere to HIPAA regulations. Medical answering services are staffed by experts in HIPAA compliance, saving you the trouble of educating your office personnel on the regulations. Your phone conversations are never in danger of becoming a legal issue, and your clinic will never mismanage patient privacy.


Hiring a professional medical answering service to handle your patients’ after-hours calls and messages is a terrific way to provide them with real, practical advantages.

You can be certain that all of your patients’ needs will be met, whether in setting up an appointment with a doctor, following up on an appointment, submitting a request for a test result, or answering a question.

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