Medfile is your new medical assistant

Updated on May 12, 2021

Medfile® is an electronic health record system that helps doctors with their day-to-day affairs. Is Medfile® just an electronic version of your patient’s chart?  Why should you consider this system as your EHR?

Advantages of EHR

Using EHR you can provide better and higher quality of your service. With electronic health records you are able to access patients’ records any time you want, securely share information with patients and other doctors. Complete up-to-date information about patients and diagnose more effectively. Finally, with an EHR solution you increase your efficiency and reduce a ton of paperwork.

A cloud-based EHR solution

Being always there for your patients is hard and takes time. We want to help you with a time-saving solution. Digitize your office with Medfile® and focus on treating instead of drowning in paperwork.

We designed this electronic health record system to meet the opportunities of comprehensive medical care. With Medfile® you can easily access patient data anytime and anywhere – all you need is your computer or a smartphone.

Is Medfile for you?

Medfile® has been created for small, solo practices as well as for multi-providers or multi-location groups. Medfile® is a great choice for long and short term care, for all specialties, including physical therapy, dental care and gynaecology (designed dedicated features for each specialty).

Medfile® meets the needs of your specialty and helps you maintain patients’ health records – you can create and customize comprehensive templates to make your work more efficient.

Digitize your office with us

Electronic health records are based on traditional visit cards. All needed sections to conduct an interview are included in our EHR system and a wide range of documents types are supported. Don’t have digitised patient’s data? Don’t worry – you can scan, import and fax all documentation you need to have and to share such as printing, file export and fax.

Manage your appointments with our interactive calendar. View and edit appointments set anytime you want. Use subsequent visits set for your patients that need treatment. Furthermore, with our calendar you will notify your patients about the date of their visit via SMS or e-mail.

Monitor patients’ health online

Patient observation journal allows you to monitor vital parameters of chronically ill people. We offer an electronic observation journal which can be accessed by a doctor 24/7 to check on the patient. Available data includes: drug admission, recorded vital signs, illness records and other information about the patient’s habits.

Digitized journal allows you to exchange information between you and your patient. Journal contains a friendly panel, automatic alarms and reminders, visits’ records, charts and graphs creator and changes tracker.

Medfile is much more than EHR

With Medfile® system you get a free website in our domain and you are visible in Find a Right Doctor database. Increase your income by choosing us – we will help your business grow by constantly improving our website’s search engine optimisation (SEO). We strive to be in top research findings Google when patients type a specialty, a city or type of illness in a search engine. We want you to succeed!

We are a telemedicine solution provider

Medfile is not only an EHR. One of the main features is our telemedicine platform. haloDoctor is currently the number one telemedicine platform in Poland. Patients can make an online appointment 24/7, receive e-Prescription, e-Release or e-Referral when needed.

E-Visits are available in several ways: chat, video or phone call. Patients can also share medical documentation through the haloDoctor platform by uploading all files. A doctor can add all documents to the visit in our EHR.

Contact us anytime you want

Our technical support team is there for you anytime – we work 24/7. Our team consists of highly experienced IT professionals with over 15 years of experience in PHP, JavaScript, HTML, jQuery, Delphi, C++, Node.js and Python.

We constantly improve our product and its infrastructure, look for flaws and fix them immediately. Our support team provides e-mail support, telephone support and help system built into the software.

Medfile® is an app tailored to your needs – let us know about any questions and suggestions. We want to match your expectations and provide the best EHR solution on the European market.undefined

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