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Massage Chairs and Your Health, featuring Airbags & Air Massages

You may have encountered the term “air massage” at least once while shopping for massage chairs. It’s a method of massage that is slightly different from the conventional ones you find in your average massage chairs. Although it is easy to imagine how rollers and vibrating pads do their jobs on the body, the same cannot simply be said when it comes to air massage. I mean, how the heck does it even work; just squeeze the muscle tension out of your body? Well, yes…and no. No in a sense that it’s not quite that simple. There are plenty of massage chairs out there like the Osaki OS 4000XT massage chair that feature full-body airbag massage, so this is certainly something worth noting when buying a massage chair. Read further while we tell you the extraordinary technology and health benefits you can get with something as simple as airbags inflating and deflating in a pattern.

How exactly does it work?

There might be some differences with how specific models of massage chairs perform their air massages, but in the simplest and most common way, it basically works by having dozens of airbags around the massage chair that put small pressure on parts of the body by inflating, and releasing it when it deflates. Think about the feeling you get when you’re getting your blood pressure taken with a sphygmomanometer (that little device with a cuff that inflates and squeezes your arm), except that it’s all around the body and done in a gentle and rhythmic way. The airbags in your massage chair follow very precise patterns that make you feel like there are actual human handles stroking those parts of the body. Better yet, these massage chairs have gotten so advanced, you don’t need to do much to operate them. For massage chairs like the JPMedics Kumo massage chair, it’s as easy as telling them what you want because they’re fully voice-activated. Now that’s the digital age at work there!

The Good Stuff

There are a number of ways how air massage affects the body positively, and they’re mostly within the range of common benefits of massage chairs. The only difference is that air massage can reach far more than the roller tracks, and their intensity is also much easier to control. These benefits include, but are not limited to:

  1. Releasing muscle tension from all around the body – the methodic inflation and deflation of the airbags gently knead muscles that have been put in a state of extended contraction, which causes you pain.
  2. Stretching and loosening your joints – just like when you’re warming up before exercise, air massages can also help your limbs stretch and loosen joints for extra flexibility (Note: Do not use this as an alternative for actual warmups)
  3. Improve blood circulation – air massages help open up blood vessels and support the flow of blood to all parts of the body. This allows oxygen to be transported more efficiently to muscle groups, and waste material to get out.
  4. Relieves stress – putting your body in a relaxed state also puts ease on your mind. These two aspects of your being are always interconnected.
  5. Improves the quality of sleep – you will naturally feel drowsy when your body is in absolute bliss. Furthermore, it could also help your body get ready for bed, so you don’t wake up with muscle pains if you happen to sleep in a bad position.
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You won’t need to search too far to find a massage chair like this. Try out the Osaki OS 4D Pro Maestro massage chair or any of its sister models. This beautiful piece of relaxation equipment is also capable of the calf, bridge, and heel air massage; the perfect massage chair for people who experience a lot of muscle pains in their lower body. It’s the complete spa treatment your legs will ever get and much more.

Extra Psychological Benefits

To expand with the inclusion of stress relief as one of the health benefits above, you can also rest assured that your massage chair is doing wonders for your mental health as well. By keeping your body in tip-top shape, your mental fortitude also responds positively. It puts your body in a much better mood, thereby allowing your brain to function more clearly, and releasing hormones like endorphins that reduce the perception of pain and trigger an overall happy feeling. Adrenaline is also reduced, helping your body slow down and get comfortable.

To Conclude

Don’t miss out on these wonderful benefits. You will like it, your body will like it, and most likely, the people around you will also appreciate a more positive and healthy version of yourself. Massage chairs are made so they can offer the benefits of massage in the most convenient way possible, so many designers try to fit as many functions as they can for their users to enjoy. When you invest in a massage chair, you are not only making your body better but your entire life in general.

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