Martin Polanco: Top US Healthcare Business Trends to Look for in 2020

When it comes to healthcare in the US, it is an important, self-motivated, and prospect-rich business in the country offering patients ultimate medical care and attention. The requirement for improvement to impel immediate development in health or medical care outcomes, cost of quality healthcare, and access to medical facilities will continue to improve in the country. Therefore, if you are admitted to one of the US hospitals, you will receive the best doctors to attend you, the best medication, and maximum care. Here are the top US healthcare business trends as per Martin Polanco to keep an eye on in 2020: 

Change in the business model 

Numerous forces and that include the improvement of extra funding from the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are taking a strong foothold against income pool development in the US healthcare business. New and innovative healthcare business models creating significant value in medical care including better cost, patient outcome, and treatment quality will gain prominence in 2020. 


Again, healthcare systems in the country are bringing into line the range of healthcare facilities and minimizing the dependence on the keen care assets. The leaders in the healthcare business in the US should focus on the ways to force sensible modernization or improvement as well as scale it past compared to what they have performed in the preceding years. 

Reform in healthcare

The upcoming US election in 2020 will put healthcare in the front. Though the majority of healthcare regulatory changes occurred after the recession, the cost of medical care was felt straight by the patients. Recommendation or proposals would continue to develop, and that includes Medicare for everywhere, improved ACA, or other options, that make ambiguity high and call for situation planning. 

Then, some common components would also carry on to be accurate or true, like assured issue sans medical underwriting, emergency coverage for everyone, a managed care model, and means-tested subsidies, with more risk transfer to healthcare providers. Again, payers, medical providers, as well as service players functioning productively in Medicare would have a benefit in the majority of future situations. In addition, several organizations are paying close attention to their company-paid medical benefits with enhanced compassion for staff affordability.

Impact of AI and digital technology 

The effect of digital technology, artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning directed transformation would develop for sure. Consequently, technology giants are investing billions of dollars in research and development to improve healthcare in the US, creating services for a wide range of customers as well as applications that result in innovation in healthcare facilities. 

In addition, institutional investors did invest over $80 billion into health technology in the last five years. As a result, the digital advancements create a solid ground for the growth of customer-focused, customized, spontaneous, and incorporated health as well as social care ecosystems. 


These are just some of the biggest trends in US healthcare. It would help patients with regard to the best treatment, medication, quick diagnosis, comfortable environment, and treatment outcome. The innovations in the healthcare business will lead to best practices and patient care. 

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