Managing weight helps to manage your life better

Updated on November 5, 2019

Life is short, and everyone wants to lead a happy, healthy life! While the external factors like good income, annual travel, and other aspects contribute to a happy life, it is also essential to consider the internal factors as well. Health plays a crucial role in making you lead a healthy and happy life. And when it comes to health, having the correct weight is essential. Today, most people are anxious about losing those extra pounds. No one wants to be obese and wish to attract a list of ailments. Hence, it is essential to manage your weight better.

Today, some several medical centers and institutions help people to address their weight issues and manage them correctly. To know more about this, you need to get in touch with Maranatha Medical Plaza. These institutions help you to understand the reasons behind weight gain and manage it correctly, as well.  

Most people think that excessive eating is the only reason behind weight gain. That is not the correct truth. Every human body responds differently to food and situations. Hence, weight gain isn’t the same for everyone. Besides, there are multiple non-physical reasons for weight gain, as well. Discussed below are some of the causes of weight gain that you must know:

1. Excess stress and tension

Stress is the reason why most men and women accumulate those extra pounds around the waist and other parts of the body. Stress reduces the metabolism rate and can also affect other body functions. It stops the way the body can absorb fat and imbalances the insulin resistance as well. Also, it gives rise to the stress hormone called Cortisol, which comes in the way of the healthy functioning of the food.

Stress can also lead to compulsive eating and excessive sleeping. And this can lead to disturbing the bodyweight distribution and fat absorption in the body. It can also increase the cholesterol count and result in diabetes as well. Hence, once you watch your stress levels, it automatically will help in minimizing the excess weight that you have. 

2. Erratic eating and sleeping habits

Not many people are aware that irregular eating and sleeping habits also result in fat gain! When you eat at odd times, it disturbs the digestive capacity of the body. There’s a massive chance of the food not getting well absorbed in the body. Hence, when your body doesn’t get the correct nutrients, it will consistently feel hungry. And this gradually leads to overeating.

When erratic eating gets coupled with irregular sleeping, your weight fluctuates from time to time! You will have periods of excess weight gain, which might become adamant to lose. Lack of proper sleep stops the body from functioning at its optimum level. People who wake up nights and sleep at odd hours of the day have difficulty in shedding off the extra body weight. Hence, you need to bring back your food and sleep in a proper balance to ensure that you maintain a decent weight scale. 

3. Irregular exercise habits

The body needs daily exercise! When you get uneven with your exercise routine, the body confuses its internal weight loss mechanism. For instance, if you have been exercising daily and also following intermittent fasting for a day or two in the week, your body gets used to a particular body routine. When this gets disturbed from time to time, your body will find it challenging to come back to its balance and wholeness.

4. Consuming excess junk and processed food

Anything in excess is never good! Processed and junk food is tasty, but ultimately not nutritious. Hence, you must watch out the amount you are regularly consuming. Eating junk food daily will lead to excess weight gain. It is because processed food has an excess amount of unhealthy fats that don’t contribute to anything good in the body.

5. Excess intake of refined sugar

Refined sugar is one of the core reasons for weight gain! And usually, during stress, when we devote energy to managing the stress and anxiety, the body counts on refined sugar from time to time, to manage the stress. Thoughtful eating and sugar consumption is a smart way to address weight loss.

The solution

If you have been struggling with weight loss, then you need to address the issue at hand with patience. You can’t hop into the gym one morning and expect that you will trigger the fat burning mechanism in your body. It is essential to have a balanced approach that will last you a lifetime and ensure proper weight management for the longest time. You can take note of the following pointers:

  • Know the reason for your weight gain

Sometimes excess weight is just hereditary. At other times, it is because of some acute medical conditions like thyroid and hormonal imbalance. There are times when weight is just a sign of poor food regime and exercise. Once you know the underlying cause, you can work at it better.

  • Take medical help and therapy when required

Seeking medical help for weight loss is a smart call! Sometimes, doctors and therapists help you to follow a weight management routine better. They can provide expert guidance that you can use and check your progress from time to time. Also, doctors might suggest some Vitamin and other health supplements, which can accelerate the weight loss process.

  • Get into a daily exercise regime

The human body needs regular movement and exercise to stay healthy and agile. That doesn’t mean you have to get into a rigorous workout at the earliest. Even brisk walking daily for 45 minutes is enough. That is a good starting point of the exercise, and you can add other activities to it gradually.

  • Release all the stress

Make sure that you don’t take excess stress! Our professional and personal lives will bring on excess tension from time to time. Managing that stress is essential. 

Once you know the causes of your weight gain and take proactive measures to address and remedy it, you will find the best solution for your weight loss. If you want, you can also seek professional help for this.

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