Managing IT Assets Better Using Help Desk Software

Updated on April 2, 2021

IT support is an often-forgotten champion of the business world. These professionals keep our most important data and information safe, ensure our services are always up-and-running and make real-time engagement with customers, vendors, and other key stakeholders not only possible but seamless.

In fact, the importance of IT services and support is so essential to our economy that the global market is expected to grow from more than $3506.2 billion in 2019 to $4788.7 billion by 2023, according to a 2021 report. At the same time, the market is expected to continue to be advanced and redefined by artificial intelligence, according to multiple industry reports.  

Managing IT services and support systems — including all those maintenance request tickets — however, is not always simple, especially as your organization grows. That is why more and more organizations are relying on IT help desk software to make the process more manageable.

If you’re not using an IT help desk software to help manage your businesses’ IT support and service needs, here is what you are missing out on.

Increased Efficiency

Implementing an IT help desk software ensures any maintenance requests that come in go to the same place and the right people. It provides central management for all system maintenance and repair requests, helping you often stretched IT team keep their tasks organized, so they can be completed on time. This will help ensure your requests don’t get lost and tickets don’t get backlogged. 

Easy Assignments

IT help desk programs will often make the task of assigning help desk tickets to an IT team member easy by automating the entire process. 

Better Prioritization

Not every help desk request is created equal. Some questions are quick and easy, some are complicated, and others are urgent to your businesses’ bottom line. For IT teams that receive many requests on a weekly — or even daily — basis, having a way to sort through these requests based on what is critical versus what can wait not only helps the rest of the organization but the bottom line itself.

Ingrained Compliance

With most IT help desk software programs, you can build in license management and compliance guidelines, so they become standardized across the organization. This is especially important for large organizations or organizations that experience high turnover so that you can ensure that you adhere to internal and external standards (including SCAP, SOX, PCI and HIPAA).

Access to Real-Time Metrics

IT help desk software solutions provide your company leadership with increased transparency and real-time metrics such as open and closed tickets, plus average tick required to close tickets, etc. These advanced analytics can help you monitor issues that continue to arise and better support your support teams’ performance and productivity. 

Increased Communication

These systems will allow your IT team to easily communicate with those stakeholders who are making the requests and then keep a record of those communications. It makes it easy for your team to reference and collect all key information and data related to the problem and allows for easy collaboration between IT team members.

Easy Stakeholder Surveys

Using anIT help desk software system can also help you easily check in with your stakeholders — those who make the requests for maintenance and those who interact with your team the most. These surveys will help you evaluate the performance of your team, including resolution, communication style, response time, and speed.

All in all, an IT help desk software ensures your team is operating at their highest level — and ensures that your employees, customers, and leadership never have to worry about their technology and connectivity.

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