Make A Step Towards Sustainable Digital Healthcare Ecosystem at AUTOMA+ 2023 

Updated on May 16, 2023

Executive opening panel dedicated to the sustainable digital healthcare ecosystem is the highlight of Healthcare Automation and Digitalization Congress 2023. The Congress is held on September, 25-26, 2023, in Zurich, Switzerland. 

Executive opening panel is an opening session of the first day of the Congress. Leading players of the healthcare industry share professional experience on how digitalization in healthcare affects sustainability. Panelists are going to raise the topics of: 

  • Achieving health-related SDGs
  • Value-Based Healthcare Paradigm
  • Digitalization and digitally skilled workforce as powerful drivers of the world health equity

There are several ways of achieving a sustainable digital healthcare ecosystem through the health-related SDGs. For example, the use of digital tools such as wearable monitoring devices, telemedicine, EHRs, has reduced the need for transport as well as paper consumption and all that leads to environmental benefits. Speaking about apps and AI based digital health solutions, these technologies can help democratize access to medical expertise in developing countries, thereby contributing to the democratization of medical knowledge and information. 

Within the Congress, Bartłomiej Lubiatowski, CEO and CINO at RSQ Technologies, is going to talk about achieving a sustainable digital healthcare ecosystem by presenting the topic “A medical metaverse of the now”. RSQ’s modern approach to creation starts at the design process, which always involves the recipients of a given part of the system, e.g. doctors for medical documentation, and consists in creating the best experience of RSQ systems users. This way, value-based healthcare puts the positive health outcomes of the patients at the top of the pyramid of priorities.

Digitalization and digitally skilled workforce has become another way for achieving a sustainable healthcare system. Digital tech is making healthcare proactive as opposed to reactive, enlarging and enabling access to quality healthcare for communities that were traditionally underserved or marginalized. Digitally skilled workforce is an important part of sustainable development of the digital healthcare ecosystem since in the context of digitalization of healthcare, training workers in special skills in order to increase the workforce helps to provide medical services more efficiently and quickly.

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