Magento 2 Migration: What You Need to Know


Using Magento 2’s data migration tool, retailers can easily transfer data without dropping packages. However, it’s important to remember that this is a lengthy process that retailers should hire an experienced developer to manage, as many steps need to be completed (magento migration services by dinarys).


Migrating an online shop is a complex process that can lead to the loss of important data. In order to save important information about your online shop, such as customers, products and their description as well as SEO data, we strongly recommend creating a data archive of your current site on Magento 1. For this, we use hard drives, cloud services or Zip Drive.

Magento 2 now allows you to add Youtube and Vimeo videos to product descriptions.

Instead of opting for a manual migration, you can opt for an automatic migration from Magento 1 to 2 using a very specialised migration tool that does most of the shop’s work, minimises human error and optimises accuracy. This is the closest thing to a one-click migration tool. Applications such as Cart2Cart need only a few non-technical adjustments, which will be required a few minutes before migration. The cost associated with this method is much less compared to hiring a professional agency. In addition, the time taken for this method is quite short.

But unfortunately that’s not the case. You won’t find a dedicated Magento migration tool. And you won’t get a one-click tool from third-party sources either. After searching around the world, we have yet to hear of anything that can transfer all your data between two platforms in one click.

Don’t let that disappoint you, as there are several alternative tools you can use without any technical expertise. And to explore this option, let’s look at three basic approaches you can use to upgrade Magento 1 to Magento 2 (

No technical knowledge is needed to administer an online shop on Magento. The platform supports a visual page builder, which can be used to create web pages and product cards without any web programming skills. However, adapting the platform for the Runet, as well as implementing large projects, is best left to experienced specialists.

The tool will monitor the entire data transfer process, run validation tests and create logs to help find any problems that arise.

If you are going to do everything yourself, using migration tool, you should remember: it is impossible to automatically migrate theme and code settings (including third-party extensions). So you should be prepared that it is almost like creating a completely new website.

Attractive design is indispensable for an online shop as it directly influences the customer’s decision to make a purchase. Templates for Mageno 1, with multiple checkout steps, slow loading pages and a lack of adaptive design no longer meet the needs of today’s shoppers. Because of this, you are losing out on potential profits.

To increase customer retention and build friendly relationships with your customers, you should use a mailing service. Magento 2 has Dotmailer, a newsletter automation tool, integrated right out of the box. You can create automated SMS, Push, and mailing lists.

Support for legacy versions of Magento will be reduced. The best way to keep your e-commerce business scalable and competitive is to upgrade to the latest version of Magento. You’ll be ready for new updates and get access to the latest built-in features and extensions, as well as the easiest to maintain Magento platform to date, designed with less cost and more efficiency so you can make more money.

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