Lucem Health’s AI-Focused Innovation Collaborative™ Doubles Partnerships

Updated on August 30, 2023

Community aims to accelerate AI’s potential to reduce the impact of diseases and improve lives

Lucem Health™, a leading provider of transformational clinical AI solutions, announced today that its Innovation Collaborative doubled the number of partners over the past year. A program designed to help get clinical AI/ML innovation to the front lines of healthcare, the Collaborative helps digital health innovators, clinical AI model developers and researchers refine, deploy, and commercialize AI powered solutions. Lucem Health focuses on the practical application of clinical AI, envisioning a world in which clinicians detect problems before they become life threatening and patients get world class care, everywhere.

In the past year, the Innovation Collaborative added digital health and AI/ML innovators such as Digital Diagnostics and Anumana to a group that included Mayo Clinic Platform, Medial EarlySign, Quadrant Health, Centaur Labs, Ground Truth Labs, Cardiologs, and others.

“We’re thrilled with the Innovation Collaborative’s growth over the past year,” said Sean Cassidy, Co-founder and CEO of Lucem Health. “The community brings together a diverse group of thought leaders to work on some of the most pressing issues in healthcare today.”

The Collaborative aims to facilitate the development and implementation of clinical AI solutions by accelerating commercialization timelines so they can have a positive impact on care delivery sooner.

Anin Sayana, CEO of Quadrant Health, emphasizes the significance of joining the Innovation Collaborative, stating, “Being part of the Innovation Collaborative amplifies the impact of your work. By joining forces with others who share a common goal of transforming healthcare, you can leverage collective expertise and resources to drive meaningful change at a larger scale, positively impacting the lives of more patients.”

Lucem Health is committed to the growth of the Innovation Collaborative through close partnerships with model developers, researchers, and digital health innovators. Its collective aim is to tackle the foremost challenges currently faced by the healthcare industry, driving advancements in patient care and clinical outcomes.

“We’re proud to be part of this like-minded community of digital health innovators, building AI to drive meaningful change in healthcare,” said Erik Duhaime, CEO of Centaur Labs. “We invite all AI developers and digital health innovators to join us and become a part of this growing community.”

Are you an AI or digital health innovator and are interested in collaborating with kindred spirits? Join the Collaborative.

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