Why You Should Use a Low-Temperature Vape Pen

Updated on March 10, 2022

One of the most widely discussed topics in the world of vaping is vape temperature. This is not surprising as your vape temperature is pretty essential to your experience while vaping. What you will experience at high vaping temperature differs from the experience you will get from a low-temperature vape pen. However, vaping at high and low temperatures is peculiar, even though some believe that low temperature is the best. In contrast, others believe that high-temperature vape is much better. 

Until you vape at a low temperature, you might not know why advocates believe using such a vape pen is the best choice. However, when you try various concentrates, herbs, essential oils, and others, you will be stunned at the incredible benefits of low-temperature vape pens. 

Effect on Temperature on Cannabis 

Herb vaporizers and vape pens heat flowers and melt the trichomes. This transforms the fats from the solid to a vapor state. 

The cannabis plant contains trichomes which act as resins. The glands are located on the surface of the plant and are abundant in the female cannabis flower. In the herb residue, trichome is responsible for its medicinal value and its psychoactive properties. 

In addition to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), cannabis resin also contains many essential aromas and compounds like terpenes. There are more than 400 chemical compounds in cannabis, all with different boiling points and unique properties. 

How Varying Vaporizer temperature Affects Your High 

Varying vaporizer temperatures have different effects on your high. A vape pen at low temperature (290 to 330F) will melt and release a colorless vapor, giving you a gentle stream of cannabinoid and terpenoid. 

People who want an intense high should vape at an extreme temperature of up to 445F. This will melt the trichomes and release a considerable amount of THC alongside other molecules. You will also get a visible stream of vapor. 

The problem with vaping at excessively high temperatures is that many of the beneficial compounds in cannabis will be destroyed. As a result, you will only get some cannabinoids and terpenoids at low temperatures as they will be burned off at excessive temperatures. You can vaporesso xros mini for your vape pen to perform brilliantly. 


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Importance of Low-Temperature Vape Pen 

In heating the cannabis concentrate using your vape pen, the user will get the cannabinoids and terpenes via vapor. Users will experience a variety of flavor effects common in cannabis. The oils, herbs, and concentrates employed in vaping must get to their boiling point before vaporizing. 

This is what users inhale to achieve the fantastic medicinal effect of vaping. As a result, the vaper’s boiling point in which the enriching vapors get released will be exposed to low or high temperatures, depending on the user’s choice. 

The following are the importance and benefits of a low-temperature vape pen:

  • Longer and smooth hit: vaporization takes place gradually since the vapor is soft and gentle
  • Minimal Vapor: users can vape discreetly without worrying about leaving behind a thick cloud of vapor. This is possible at low temperatures below 330F.
  • Rich Flavors: users will enjoy a quality and rich flavor with a low-temperature vape pen 
  • Protects from Harmful Residues: Vaping at extreme temperatures can be carcinogenic. Overheating the nail effects and degrades the vapor quality. On the other hand, vaping at a low temperature provides the right heat to boil the oil without releasing carcinogens.

What to Expect with a Low-temperature Vape Pen (3200F to 3560F)

Your vape pen temperature needs not to exceed 3560F for you to enjoy an immense benefit from the device. It is not only ideal for beginners alone but anyone who desires to enjoy what vaping holds at different temperatures. Also, you need not fire your vape pen too high before you get high as THC, the part responsible for the psychoactive effect, boils at 3150F.

When you vape at a lower temperature, you can experience some of the top flavors from the weed. It is at the low temperature that you get to enjoy the fresh piney and fruity terpene flavors. If you appreciate this flavor, you are better off vaping at a low temperature. 

At low temperatures as well, you will experience a smooth vape that will not irritate your throat. It is the best for vaping enthusiasts, and people with sensitive throats as the probability of coughing is low. 

Also, vaping at a low temperature helps eliminate many of the side effects of vaping like dry mouth, lethargy, red eyes, etc. Even if you experience it, such effects are pretty mild without any substantial impact. 

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A low-temperature vape pen will give you a pretty mild, relaxed feeling. This is the temperature where you will enjoy peppery flavors without much sedation. 

You will also get CBD and THC released at this temperature range. However, the high from this temperature will not be too strong. It is a ticket to enjoying improved focus, a better mood, and getting rid of stress and anxiety. 




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