Looking To Marry A Girl From Philippines? Here Are 4 Things You Should Know

Updated on April 8, 2020


The world is a truly global and integrated entity. With the rise of information technology people are scouting all over the planet in order to find the perfect wives and husbands. With the rise of the internet, we are learning more about the culture, tradition, values and nature of people from different parts of the world. 

This has led to people finding exploring different countries in the hope of getting for themselves the best partners. Men, especially from USA and other European countries want a bride for themselves who is beautiful, has great family values and are loyal in relationships. 

In this article, we will look at why foreign ladies from Philippines make such great girlfriends. The Philippines dating scene has opened up for westerners. In this article, we are going to help men with four important things they should note before dating or marrying Philippine girls and women. 

Why Women from Philippines are perfect for Marriages?

Everyone in the world wants to marry someone who is trustworthy, can take care of their families, and are pretty. A wife should be able to compliment you as a human being. She should be able to complete you, love you, care for you and support you in both good and bad times. 

Women from the Philippines are expert homemakers. They are also highly ingrained in family values and the traditional set up. They make excellent wives as they care for the children and the elderly in the family with ease. 

Many relationships in present day are breaking up because of infidelity. However, when it comes to women from Philippines you can be rest assured that you are safe on that front. Not only are they extremely loyal and committed, they are also highly monogamous in relationships. 

4 Things to Note before Dating or Marrying Philippine Girls

  • Be sure that she is the one and not after your money-

Finding true love is not easy. It becomes all the more difficult in these times when people are out there manipulating unsuspecting individuals. Be sure to give the relationship some time before taking it to the next level. 

Do not propose marriage if you get any red flags early on the relationship. If she brings up the topic of money, or how poor her family is, please bail out immediately. 

  • Meet her family and see whether they are genuine people-

If a girl from Philippines is in love with you, she will introduce you to her family. Take this as a positive sign that she feels confident about you meeting her family and getting to know them. It is also a good idea to interact with them and find out as much you can. 

You can also ask around the neighbourhood to check whether they are ‘real’. This will help you take the next steps in your relationship. 

  • Be patient in your dating phase and find out about her nature-

The first ten dates are all roses and peaches. The real issues start once you get to know people inside out. This holds true not only in Philippines but also elsewhere. The best way to make sure that this does not happen is to talk as much as possible. 

This will help you understand the real nature of the person. It will also help you know deeper secrets like past relationships and family issues. 

  • Discuss all the Important Points like where you would want to settle down well in advance- 

While most women from Philippines are okay with the idea of settling abroad, some might not want to. Do not reach a stage in your relationship where you have proceeded too far beyond, only for her to tell you that she cannot follow you back to the States. 

This is sure to lead to many problems including booked reservations and complete marriage plans being abandoned. It is best that you discuss these things early on in the relationship. 


The Philippines dating scene is full of positive and happy stories of men finding lifelong partners. If you keep the above four points in your mind before dating or marrying Philippine women, you are guaranteed a lifetime of happiness, trust and loyalty. 

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