Looking to buy a yoga mat? Keep these tips in mind before you buy

Updated on January 10, 2022

1. Comfort is important, but thinks about the features that will best serve your needs.

2. Choose a size that fits your lifestyle and available space for practice. Consider how much cushioning you want or need to keep your bones and joints comfortable during poses.

3. Stability of the mat is important both for balance during practice as well as safety after transitioning from one pose to another on a slippery surface where traction is required.

4. Price point should be considered relative to durability, quality, type of yoga practiced (e.g., hot vs non-hot), length of time used for each session, frequency of use, expected lifespan, warranty coverage if offered by retailer manufacturer, availability or acquisition options, brand reputation, time of year (e.g., holiday sales), and any other features you desire in a yoga mat.

5. Consider environmental sustainability or eco-friendly options with respect to materials used, recycling efforts, company policies on reuse or resale of mats after usage is complete, etc.

6. Look for mats that are easy to clean and maintain.

7. Determine which yoga mat material (and thickness) will best suit your practice and body type, be it natural rubber or another material such as PVC. There’s no need to spend a lot if you’re not into hot yoga!

8. Do the research before buying any printed yoga mat. 

9. If possible, buy from a local store where you can actually lay out and compare different mats. This allows you see what works best for your needs in terms of size, texture, grip, etc., especially if you travel often between studios and want to find one mat that you use at home and take with you when traveling. 

10. Some yogis like printed yoga mats because they are printed with cool designs.

Print on demand yoga mats make a great gift for your favorite yogi! For more tips on buying a printed yoga mat, check out this article from Yoga Journal by Julianne Brown

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As far as size goes, you’ll want to choose your mat according to whether it is for home practice only, studio practice only, or both.  A standard sized mat will typically be best for most at 6 ft long by 2 ft wide (183 cm x 61 cm).  If using the mat primarily at home but attending classes occasionally then consider an extra-large mat which is typically 7 ft long by 2 1/2 ft wide (213 cm x 63.5 cm).  If you’re practicing at home most frequently and attending Bikram classes occasionally then consider a jumbo mat which is typically 5 ft long by 3 ft wide (152 cm x 91.5 cm).

The printed yoga mats that are printed with cool designs will be available here soon! They are printed with motivational sayings, inspiring phrases, spiritual symbols etc–a wonderful gift for the yogi in your life. Keep checking back!!

Julianne Brown is an aspiring yogi who has been counting down the days until she was old enough to obtain her first printed yoga mat. For now, she makes do with regular black but can hardly wait until her collection is complete! You can find printed yoga mat designs here.

Yoga mats had been printed with quotes and sayings for a long time now. At YogaMatPrinting, we have printed many printed yoga mats that are printed with motivating words to help support one’s practice on and off the mat.  One of my favorite quotes is “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” by Lao Tsu–what a wonderful phrase from which to begin one’s yoga practice!


Printed yoga mats can help to inspire and motivate while also making a yogi’s practice more enjoyable and colorful.  Following the guidelines in this article, printed yoga mats make great gifts for all occasions–birthdays, holidays, anniversaries etc.–especially for those beginning their practice on or off the mat!

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