Lip Filler Trends: The Rising Obsession with Perfect Pout

Updated on August 4, 2022
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Some trends enter the beauty industry overnight and take up the social media platforms like a wildfire before returning to oblivion. But then there are those trends that head towards the main roads, slicing through the stuffing of “beauty branches” and becoming a decade-defining beauty movement.

Currently, we are living in the era of “lip job” as people feel compelled to achieve a perfect pout. Google searches for lip fillers Dubai are higher than ever! Now, plumping one’s lip with a syringe filled with a filler is as routine as teeth whitening and can be fit into your lunch break as a manicure appointment.

It depicts that the trends of lip fillers continue to rise, especially since Kylie Jenner debuted her plump lips. Let’s have a look over the most interesting trends of lip fillers:

Lips Are Getting Permanent Pigment

While the past decades have prominently debated about lip volume, 2022’s lip treatments dive deep into the little details. These details have the potential to make a significant difference. It does not mean that we are bidding farewell to classic lip fillers. The world has welcomed its two cousins – lip flip and lip blushing.

TikTok has a major role to play in building lip filler’s popularity. TikTok stars debut their new lips as well as stream their before-and-after journey. As a result, lip blushing and lip flip procedures have seen an increase.

A licensed practitioner or doctor will inject a minimal amount of Botox with lip flip into the upper lip muscle. It forces the muscle to relax, which consequently flips the top lip. As a result, you get to flaunt a bigger and plumper upper lip without adding volume. It gives a more natural-looking boost and also assists in diminishing the gum visibility.

If you are familiar with microblading and nanoblading, then you can easily grasp the novel idea behind lip blushing. It is a professionally-administered lip tattoo that adds a natural pigment to the lips. It is a semi-permanent color. The goal is to get a look at your favorite lip balm without ever applying it. Moreover, lip blushing also contributes to making your lips fuller and more symmetrical.

Cherry Lips Coming To You Directly From Korea

The cherry lip method is a relatively new trend. It appears to stem from a desire for a more natural-looking result, but it will look incorrect in the wrong patient. Seeking consultation from a professional will help you explore which lip shape suits you the best.

Rather than applying filler to the whole lip area, the cherry lip technique focuses on the center of both the top and bottom lips. Consider placing two cherries in the center of your upper lip and two on the bottom.

The Cupid’s Bow Technique To Your Rescue

The cupid’s bow method lies between a Russian lip and a cherry lip. It employs micro-injections to fill the two tubercles on either side of the upper lip and define the cupid’s bow. The goal is to produce a sharpened and enhanced cupid’s bow while keeping the center tubercle unaltered.

Are we starting to sound like a broken record yet? — If this is your natural anatomy, the cupid’s bow procedure will work for you effortlessly. If you do not believe that “larger is better” when it comes to your lips,  we highly recommend giving Cupid’s bow filler a test drive!

Let’s Create A Keyhole!

Kendall possesses it. Angelina is the owner. Scarlett Johansson wins at life. And Gigi Hadid has it as well! It is called the “keyhole pout”. It is a lip augmentation technique that creates a little hole in the center of the pout.

Doctors put a simple thread or a stick against the bow of the upper lip and at the center of the lower lip to achieve the “keyhole pout”. Meanwhile, a doctor, along with nurses, inject dermal fillers into the lips. This technique produces a tiny split between the bottom and upper lips, providing customers with the ultimate sensual pout.

The Takeaway

The obsession is real as lips are becoming plumper, hydrated, fuller and subtle. Advancements in lip filler techniques have left the world astonished as it has effortlessly wrapped people around its finger. If you seek to achieve “Kylie Jenner” lips, we recommend you head to nearly cosmetic surgery Dubai clinics to win the show!

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