Learn More About Cannabis Dosing: Check Out Our Dosage Guide


Cannabis has numerous health benefits such as treatment of anxiety disorders, reducing depression, improving heart health, pain relief, and soothing inflammation. A good number of people who consume cannabis for these benefits do not understand the right way to dose their products. It should be noted that dosing is a crucial aspect of any treatment done using cannabis products. Cannabis can be consumed in many ways and the dosage depends on the method of consumption. It is possible to consume too much cannabis and suffer side-effects rather than gaining benefits. Some side-effects of overdosing include:

·       Diarrhoea.


·       Seizures.

·       Fatigue.

·       Panic attacks.

·       Headaches.

·       Anxiety and extreme paranoia.

·       Extreme hallucinations.

·       Changes in appetite.

·       High blood pressure.

·       Changes in weight.

Before you settle on a specific dose, there are factors that you need to take into consideration. They will guide you on the right dosage for you depending on your reason for consuming cannabis.

1. The desired effects.

The amount of cannabis you consume depends on the effect or results you hope to achieve whether it is for medical or social purposes. For instance, if you are consuming a particular cannabis product for pain relief, the dosage will depend on the level of pain.

2. Concentration.

The level of THC or CBD in a product will also limit your dosage. Those who consume cannabis for recreational purposes prefer products with high THC concentration while those who take it for the health benefits prefer high CBD and low THC products.

3. Cannabis experience and tolerance.

First-time users are encouraged to start slowly. Inexperienced users tend to consume very high doses and end up either too high or hating cannabis. People who have been using cannabis for a long time and developed a tolerance will take a higher dosage than first-time users.

4. Type of products.

There are different types of cannabis products on the market today such as edibles, vape juices, and CBD oils by https://cannaflower.com/. These products can be purchased for various purposes. Each product you consume has a different dosage. CBD oils are dosed differently from edibles made with cannabis.

5. Body weight.

Body weight affects the effects of cannabis on an individual. Therefore, the amount you consume should be proportionate to your body weight. Heavier people consume more while lighter people consume less.

6. Preventive vs. curative dosing

The dosage for prevention of medical conditions is different from that of curative purposes. Cannabis consumers who do it to prevent conditions related to anxiety, depression, and stress take a relatively low dose compared to those who take it as a cure for disease such as headaches, inflammation, and heart conditions.

7. The reason for consumption.

Cannabis is consumed for various reasons. When taken for medical reasons, the dosage depends on the condition you want to treat. Low to high doses are applied in this case. If it is for social or relaxation purposes, the dose is low.

After learning how to dose cannabis, you should familiarize yourself with the various methods used to consume it. They include:

·       Smoking.

·       Topicals.

·       Vaping.

·       Oils.

·       Edibles.

·       Tinctures.

·       Transdermal patches.

·       Dabbing.


Dosing is a crucial aspect of cannabis consumption. It helps you to experience all of the benefits of the product while preventing unpleasant side-effects. You can consult a medical practitioner for the right dosage depending on your needs and condition.

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