Laniado Hospital Opens New Emergency Ward, Raising Funds for an Even Bigger Project

Updated on October 26, 2023

The atrocities that took place in Israel at the beginning of October reminded Israeli society that it must always be ready for a mass casualty emergency. For this reason, the news coming from Laniado Hospital (which operates in the city of Netanya), regarding the new emergency ward that was opened recently is a beacon of hope for Israel.

“We are excited to open this highly innovative emergency ward, containing some of the best medical technologies in the world,” said Nadav Chen, CEO of Laniado Hospital. “The people of central Israel deserve first-class emergency services – during both peacetime and wartime, god forbid. We wish to thank the friends of Laniado across the world – donors and philanthropists – for opening their hearts and taking part in helping us establish this essential ward. You help save lives! We will continue to raise funds in order to further improve the service we give to the community, including a whole building dedicated solely to emergency treatment, which is already in the planning phases.”

What’s important to know about this modern emergency ward and the fundraising campaign that made its construction possible? And what are Laniado Hospital’s future plans? All the details are here.  

A private room in the emergency department (Source: Laniado Fund)

From within and across the seas

The emergency ward fundraising campaign started about two years ago and quickly attracted quite a lot of attention. Many of the residents of Netanya took part in this campaign, in addition to many more from the region in which this hospital is located, HaSharon region. But that’s not all: Quite a lot of funds were raised for this goal from overseas, many of them from philanthropist American friends, who realized how vital this emergency ward is to Netanya and all of Israel.

This facility is now considered to be among the biggest (1200 square meters) and most effective emergency wards in Israel. Thanks to the donors, it’s equipped with the most advanced medical technologies, and many private rooms that help reduce the risk of infections significantly. It’s built to the highest standard, and accommodates a large space designated to host patients’ families as well.      

More is still needed

The residents of HaSharon district are thankful for the new emergency ward, and they should mainly thank the donors. It cost about 5.6 million USD. The government of Israel did chip in, allotting 1.2 million for this project. The rest came from Laniado donations

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A patient’s bed (Source: Laniado Fund)

Raising the funds for the new ward was not easy, but raising capital for Laniado’s next life-saving project may be even more challenging: The hospital is currently planning a new, state-of-the-art emergency facility. “The current situation in Israel made it perfectly clear that Laniado Hospital needs an entire facility dedicated to emergencies. We have to be ready for anything,” said Chen. “We plan on building a 4-story high facility. In addition, it must also serve as a shelter that is safe from missiles. This war has proven beyond doubt that the enemies of Israel aim for civilians intentionally. This project is set to cost about 120 million USD. That’s a lot. But It’s a necessity, not a luxury.”

The management team of Laniado Hospital stated that it is thankful for the donations that had already arrived from people in Israel, from its American friends, and from all across the world. Now they are busy raising the hundreds of millions that are still missing in order to get this new project going. 

“Whoever saves one soul…”

The worldwide pitch in for the benefit of the future emergency facility in the Laniado Hospital is definitely notable and touching. It proves that people have a sense of compassion also toward others who they have never met, and will probably never meet. But that’s just human. The many who have already opened their hearts to this highly important cause definitely give hope that in a few years, the Laniado Hospital and the city of Netanya will have an emergency facility that will save many more lives. As the Jewish Mishna says: “Whoever saves one soul… as if saved a whole world.”

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