Know The Best Ways To Use Cannabis For Treating Anxiety


After being legalized, cannabis is surely having its moment. And not just recreational users are happy about it; even those who have always wanted to derive its medicinal benefits are excited. Everyone reveres cannabis as a great remedy for physical conditions such as chronic pain relief and inflammation. But amazingly, it is even better known for treating mental conditions such as stress and anxiety. The traditional treatment of anxiety is based on the use of prescription drugs which can get addictive in the long run. Cannabis offers a safer alternative provided you use it in the right form and way. Here are some best ways anxiety patients can use cannabis for lasting relief.


Vaping CBD oil with a vaporizer is perhaps the quickest way to experience anxiety relief. Microdosing, which involves inhalation of small doses that do not get you high, is the key as it keeps the intake in control. Further, you should stick to a cannabis strain that is high in CBD and low in THC (because the latter gets you high). CBD, on the other hand, has reliable anti-anxiety effects and does not get you high at all. Ideally, you should check the ratio of THC to CBD and use only the products with a low ratio to make sure that they offer excellent results with vaping.

Sublingual oils

Another form of cannabis that shows proven benefits for people with anxiety is oils and oil sprays. These come as sublingual oils which are administered using a dropper to introduce the substance under the tongue to experience immediate relief. The mucous membranes in this region have tiny capillaries that absorb the oil immediately and take it directly into the bloodstream. The method offers great results, even while being discreet and easy to use. Often enthusiasts remain confused and seek answers to questions like, is weed legal in Virginia, or other parts of the US. You may be surprised to know that it is legal for medical use across all states. And since sublingual oils are meant for medical use, you can expect them on offer in dispensaries all over the country.


If vaping cannabis or consuming its CBD oil sublingually does not sound like a great idea and for treating your anxiety, you can resort to the edible forms. Gummies and candies are the most popular ways for CBD consumption because dosing is not a challenge. Storing, carrying and consuming edibles, is convenient and you can experiment with forms and flavors as well. What’s more, you can have an edible discreetly even in public, without even the person standing next to you coming to know. So you don’t feel anxious as these products take your anxiety away for good. 

The choice between these options really depends on your needs and personal preferences. Vaping and sublingual oil work for those looking for instant results while edibles are great if you want the effect to build up slowly and last long. Now that you know your options, go ahead and pick the one that sounds good! 

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