Keep Your Look Natural With The Right Fixed Attachable Alternative

Updated on March 26, 2021

Crowns, dental bridges, inlays, veneers, and most of all dental implants. Most of us have heard about these common types of fixed attachables that have been to go-to solutions for missing or deformed teeth. For the longest time, these solutions have been a staple in dentistry because of their proven and well-established history. For the patient who wants to restore the aesthetic appeal of the teeth, veneers is usually the common solution. For a person that has one or two teeth that have been broken down because of tooth decay, that person may elect to have a crown. 

One cannot help but wonder, however, whether it is possible to combine the benefits of these fixed attachables, but with far more value. That is, an alternative solution that not only provides a ton of savings from more expensive long-lasting solutions such as implants but would also have the same if not more durability. 

So, if we were to get the ideal alternative to fixed attachable, what would we want out of it? Let us explore some of the characteristics that would make an innovative and new dental procedure the perfect solution for damaged or missing teeth. 


The problem that we often get when we choose a more affordable route of fixing our teeth is that the solution that we get may not be the most sustainable. A composite resin veneer, for example, may restore the cosmetic aspects of our natural teeth but may not be the most long-lasting solution if we want to restore normalcy to our eating habits. If you chew on hard foods such as beef, for instance, you risk the veneers becoming chipped and needing retouches. This is not ideal because we would have to keep coming back to the dentist or else face the inconvenience of changing our eating habits or overall diets. 

The perfect alternative to fixed attachables would not only look like natural teeth, but they would also be long-lasting and durable. Once the procedure is done, you would not want to have to keep coming back to the dentist for the solution to be maintained or redone completely.


So a lot of us who suffer from teeth problems may not exactly be working with a robust budget for solutions such as dental implants. Though these implants tend to be the more reliable solution compared to the others, they are also very expensive. 

Ideally, we would want the right alternative to fixed attachables to not only provide a solution that is as permanent as that of traditional implants, but also far more affordable and accessible to the masses. 

Convenient, Safe, and with Instant Results

Lastly, more traditional fixed attachables can sometimes be inconvenient, allow for unnecessary risks, and inefficient to have done. Some fixed attachables, for example, require the use of dental adhesives. This can be problematic because even though they serve their purpose, they often contain harmful inorganic elements such as Zinc which can result in a multitude of complications such as nerve damage. Not only that but the patient will not exactly enjoy the results as intended because adhesives tend to feel really bad in the mouth and can often even smell bad.  

Other solutions such as traditional implants are more reliable but do not guarantee instant results. In fact, very few people are prime candidates for same-day dental implants meaning that this solution is not exactly available for the masses to take advantage of. 

The ideal solution would not only remove annoying substances such as dental adhesives but also give you the same reliability as traditional implants but on the same day of treatment. This way, not only will you be able to keep your natural look with a product that looks exactly like your natural teeth, but you will also be able to enjoy them with the same exact versatility as your natural teeth!

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