Keep your kidneys in good health during COVID 19 pandemic – Marcus Debaise

Updated on November 13, 2020

People suffering from kidney ailments, especially the ones undergoing dialysis or those requiring transplants are vulnerable to severe infections and can get affected by the novel coronavirus pandemic. Patients with severe kidney malfunctioning are at risk of death, in the case of COVID-19 positive. These patients undergo life-sustaining treatments a few times every week. While everyone must stay at home during the outspread of the virus, it must be the chief strategy for people with a kidney ailment, says Marcus Debaise

However, if their condition persists, it will require long term medication, and during social distancing, it can make things even more upsetting. The advent of telemedicine services has made it easy for patients to acquire medicines from the comfort of their homes. These services allow you to stay connected to your health care provider and take care of yourself. 

Doctors have struggled to spread awareness regarding the steps to be taken to cut back on exposure, preserve your health, and prepare yourself well in advance before community spread sets it. They strive to explain the measures to be taken, in case you suspect the infection.

The following are some guidelines to be considered to keep your kidneys in good health during the global pandemic

  • Eat nutritious food
  • Minimize anxiety and distress
  • Regulate blood pressure and take medicines if required
  • Keep track of your mental health and treat depression if any
  • Contact your doctor and make changes in your prescriptions according to their advice

A periodic test may be required to inspect the condition of your kidneys. These involve blood tests and urine examination. To prevent vulnerability amidst the outspread of the virus, your doctor might tell you to conduct these tests later on. For those people who go for regular dialysis, take advice from your health care provider as to how to accomplish this treatment, recommends Marcus Debaise. Your physician can give you a list of preventive measures and guide you to take all the necessary precautions, in case you must go out. 

 Here are a few ways in which you can protect yourself from the deadly virus.

In addition to staying in quarantine, you must make sure that you have easy access to all necessities. Exercise the following measures to be safe during the global pandemic

  • Stay away from unwell people
  • Avoid public transport when you go for appointments
  • Practice and maintain hygiene to minimize the risk of the infection- Marcus Debaise
  • Do not cover your mouth using your hand and ensure wearing a face mask
  • Always carrier sanitizers to disinfect objects before you use them
  • Make sure you wash your hand at least for twenty seconds many times a day
  • Keep the knowledge of emergency services near you and save their contact numbers
  • Contact your doctor for any special tips you and your family need to follow to stay secure during the unlocking phase

In addition to all the above, you must watch out for symptoms of coronavirus. Keep adequate knowledge about the difference between common flu and COVID. Since you have a chronic ailment, you are highly at risk of severe COVID symptoms. Thus, it is vital to contact your doctor immediately in case of an emergency.

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