Karoo Health Appoints Industry Leader as Chief Operating Officer and Accelerates Mission to Improve the Lives of Every Cardiac Patient in America

Updated on October 20, 2022

Karoo Health, the leader in end-to-end, tech-enabled, value-based cardiac care, announced today the hiring of industry veteran Chentelle Lane as COO. Lane will help guide the company’s business and operating strategy, including broadening its reach to cardiac patients through partnerships with care organizations and health plans. A proven leader in value-based care operations, Lane was most recently COO of Care Services at Cityblock Health, and has also held executive-level positions at Somatus and naviHealth.

Karoo further announced it has entered into agreements to power the conversion and execution of value-based care for several leading cardiology groups in the Southwest, aiming to improve patient outcomes and lower overall cost of care. Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, accounting for one in every five deaths.

“Most people have been touched in some way by heart disease, either through their own diagnosis or that of a loved one. For me, it was the loss of a close friend which, in part, sparked the formation of Karoo Health,” said Ian Koons, company co-founder and CEO. “We continue to work toward our goals of improving outcomes and lowering cost of care for cardiology patients by helping care providers implement and execute value-based care models. We’re excited that Chentelle, one of our industry’s great operational leaders, is joining our mission to transform the lives of cardiac patients in America.”

Utilizing an evidence-driven, value-based care model, Karoo Health augments cardiovascular care through the integration of wraparound support services that include dedicated care teams and enabling technology which provide patients with frictionless access to care providers and empower practitioner conversion to a value-based care model.  

“I’m thrilled to join Karoo’s passionate team committed to transforming the current system of cardiovascular care and improving the lives of patients,” said Chentelle Lane. “I’ve had the pleasure of building multiple operational organizations focused on improving healthcare delivery, and Karoo is the right organization for me to take that experience to the next level within the cardiovascular space. Leading, building, and executing within highly complex healthcare arenas is where I thrive, and I’m excited by the opportunity to have a big impact on the lives of cardiology patients nationwide.”

Karoo Health closed its initial funding round led by Panoramic Ventures in March and after achieving significant milestones since, plans to seek additional capital this quarter.

About Karoo Health

A leader in tech-enabled, value-based cardiovascular care solutions, Karoo Health empowers the conversion of providers and health plans to a value-based care model. As a patient-first organization, Karoo Health’s mission is to improve the lives of every cardiac patient in America by providing a new paradigm of better cardiology care, at lower cost, than the current system while preventing the progression of cardiovascular disease. For more information, visit the company at www.karoohealth.com or connect with them on LinkedIn

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