Karger Publishers Names Top Five Finalists in Fourth Annual Vesalius Innovation Award to Benefit from Individualized Mentoring Program

Updated on November 15, 2023

Jury Announces Its Top Five Shortlisted Startups in the Health Sciences and Publishing Sectors, To Be Presented and Awarded During STM Week in London.

The fourth year of the Vesalius Innovation Award, with a total of $25,000 in prizes to be granted to the best performers, has announced its top five finalists, who successfully pitched their innovative ideas to the jury: LudensoPaindrainer AB, Teraquiz, Global Campus, and Pipra AG

PIPRA AG is a visionary MedTech start-up based in Zurich, Switzerland, pioneering the development of innovative AI-driven products to address the prevention, prediction, and diagnosis of delirium. Their flagship product, PIPRA (Pre-Interventional Preventive Risk Assessment), offers a user-friendly web and app-based interface for healthcare professionals to accurately assess a patient’s risk of developing postoperative delirium (POD). By integrating PIPRA into clinical workflows, healthcare providers can implement targeted preventive strategies, optimize resource allocation, and enhance patient outcomes, particularly for patients aged 60+ undergoing medium to high-risk elective surgery.

Global Campus uses state of the art semantic AI technology to find the best academic content matching your input. Using a summary as your starting point, you will find relevant literature, academic expertise, institutions for collaboration or journals for submission. With Global Campus you navigate the knowledge of the world in seconds, either through our platform or integrated in your systems using our API.

Paindrainer is a digital self-management tool for chronic pain patients powered by an proprietary artificial neural network that is adaptive to patient behavior and provides recommendations on how to adjust daily routines to alleviate pain. Can be offered via Hospitals as a remote monitoring device.

Ludenso addresses healthcare workforce shortages by making medical training more accessible and engaging. By infusing traditional learning materials with interactive 3D animations and AI quizzes, Ludenso improves comprehension and retention at scale.

Teraquiz represents the new era of medical education: digital, accessible at your fingertips, with excellence. Their mobile app is tailor-made for Oncology, Rheumatology, Hematology, Urology, Dermatology, and Radiation Oncology specialists. It offers up-to-date article reviews, a community for discussing challenging cases, evidence-based quizzes, and video content. The company aims to disseminate high-quality medical information in Brazil, Portuguese-speaking nations, and Latin America, closing the educational gap.

Until the end of November each of the five startups will receive individual mentoring through our Partner Startup Academy and our sponsor Park56. The mentorship program will focus on individual growth areas that each startup has selected. The jury will then hear the newly refined pitches and strategies to cast their final vote.

On December 5, 2023, the winner will be announced during a ceremony held during STM Week in London. The winning applicant will receive $15,000, while the two runners-up will be awarded $5,000 each.

After the jury’s evaluation, the top five shortlisted startups will be invited to present their ideas at the STM Week in London in December as an excellent opportunity for the contestants to showcase their innovations to a wider audience and gain valuable exposure. 

About the Vesalius Innovation Award

The Vesalius Innovation Award has been presented in collaboration with the STM Association since its inception, and the organizers are grateful for the continued support of Gold Sponsor Molecular Connections, new Silver Sponsor Park56, alongside the new partner Silverchair.

The Vesalius Innovation Award, whose name originates from the renaissance rebel and pioneer of modern anatomy Andreas Vesalius, is an excellent opportunity for startups in the Health Sciences and Publishing sectors to gain recognition and support for their innovative ideas. Karger encourages all eligible startups to apply and wishes them the best of luck in the competition.

About Karger Publishers

Connecting people and science since 1890, Karger provides scientists, healthcare professionals, patients, and the broader public with reliable and tailored information in Health Sciences. Building upon a publishing portfolio of more than 100 reputable scholarly journals and the award-winning Fast Facts medical info series, Karger excels in medical education and omnichannel HCP engagement in multiple formats, including 3D animations, podcasts, AR/VR environments, and more. Academic institutions and both medical affairs and pharma marketing teams in the corporate space entrust Karger with their most demanding communication challenges. Independent and family-led in the fourth generation by Chairwoman Gabriella Karger, Switzerland-based Karger is present in 15 countries with a team of 200 dedicated professionals worldwide.

For more information, please visit karger.com

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