Jublia Solution- How to Use It for Best Results

Updated on January 14, 2022

Jublia solution contains efinaconazole, an antifungal medication that helps fight infections resulting from a fungus. Jublia’s solution helps in treating fungal infections and other types of diseases. It is a colorless solution coming in plastic bottles with a brush applicator. 

The solution is for external use and is not for oral, ophthalmic or another internal service. You may use it on toenails and adjacent skin only. Avoid pedicure, cosmetic nail products or nail polish while using this solution. Follow the directions as mentioned on the package and medicine label. Tell the health care provider everything about your medical condition, medicines you take and allergies. They must know your medical history before prescribing you the solution. 

Points to remember before taking medicine

If a person is allergic to efinaconazole, they must never go for Jublia solution. If pregnant or planning to have a baby, the doctor must know it. If the patient is breastfeeding a child, the doctor must know it. There is no evidence to show whether the topical solution passes into breast milk.

How will you use the Jublia solution? 

Follow the prescription of the doctor when using the Jublia solution. Follow the directions as mentioned on the prescription label. Never use the medicine in small or large amounts without medical experts. It is usually for application on affected toenails once every day. Although the medication goes for as long as eleven months, it might be less or more depending on the condition. 

Before initiating the medicine application, washing toenail thoroughly is necessary. Apply the solution over the toenail and give it some time to dry. Don’t put on your shoes or socks immediately after applying for the medicine. Never use this medicine on any other area apart from the toenails and adjacent skin. Speak to your doctor if you feel that the symptoms are not improving or think they are worsening. 

Storing the solution in an upright position is necessary. Ensure that it is at room temperature, away from heat and moisture. Never freeze the medicine and keep the bottle closed tightly. 

How will you get it? 

There are multiple options available online and in the market. You may reach out to the retail stores operating nearby. The local stores keep the Jublia solution in stock. Moreover, online retailers are also an easy source of getting the medication. It is convenient and less time-consuming. They provide attractive discounts and are open to helping their customers. You may find the Jublia price on the online platform.

Dosage information

Apply the medicine to the affected toenail once every day for at least 48 weeks. Apply the dose on the toenail, toenail bed, toenail falls and under the toenail’s surface. Use the brush applicator coming with the drug and ensure that the solution covers the entire skin. Apply for the medicine as soon as possible, and if you miss one dose, it will not affect you gravely. There is no reason to overdose if you miss out on a dosage. 

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