John Snow Labs Announces Keynote Speakers and Program for the Third Annual Healthcare NLP Summit

Updated on March 5, 2023

John Snow Labs, the healthcare AI and NLP company and developer of the Spark NLP library, today announced the lineup of keynote speakers for its annual Healthcare NLP Summit, taking place April 4-5. Now in its third year, the NLP Summit is the world’s largest gathering for the applied Natural Language Processing (NLP) community. The free, virtual event comprises two days of immersive, industry-focused content, including over 30 technical sessions focused on NLP applications in healthcare and life sciences.

This year’s program covers topics from measuring and mitigating bias in NLP models, large language models and generative AI for healthcare, and no-code tools that enable medical domain experts to train and tune models, to few- and zero-shot learning for diagnosis risk and prevention. Presented by leading experts in the AI and healthcare space, this year’s keynote speakers include:

  • Elliot Bolton, Center for Research on Foundation Models at Stanford
  • Betty van Aken, Berlin University of Applied Sciences
  • Tao Qin Senior, Renqian Luo, and Yingce Xia, Microsoft Research
  • Roy Schwartz, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Veysel Kocaman and David Talby, John Snow Labs
  • Sercan Ari and Jinsung Yoon, Google
  • Monica Agrawal, MIT
  • Yanshan Wang, University of Pittsburgh

“It’s been another year of explosive growth for AI and NLP, and the need for sharing knowledge and establishing best practices to ensure the ethical and responsible use of the technology is paramount,” said David Talby, CTO of John Snow Labs. “There are few industries as important or sensitive as healthcare, and the Healthcare NLP Summit aims to bridge the gap between the hype and real-world applications of safe, efficient, and production-ready clinical NLP.”

In addition to the exciting speaker lineup, live Q&A sessions, networking opportunities, and live training & certification workshops, John Snow Labs will announce its new NLP Test Library at the show. With the goal of building safer, more reliable, and more equitable AI, the NLP Test Library is an open-source community project committed to making responsible AI a reality for data scientists. More details on the NLP Test Library and how to get started will be available in April, as well as in a keynote session titled “Introducing the Open-Source Testing Library for NLP Models.”

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About John Snow Labs
John Snow Labs, the AI and NLP for healthcare company, provides state-of-the-art software, models, and data to help healthcare and life science organizations put AI to good use. Developer of Spark NLP, the world’s most widely used NLP library in the enterprise, John Snow Labs’ award-winning clinical NLP software powers leading healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, including Kaiser Permanente, McKesson, Merck, and Roche. The company is the creator and host of The NLP Summit, further educating and advancing the NLP community.

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