Is There a Quality Difference Between the Home Allergy Tests and Doctor’s Office?

Updated on August 26, 2023

Allergies are something that millions of people, unfortunately, have to deal with every single year. Some people have to fight through the trouble of seasonal allergies that crop up annually, or they have an allergy to something they can avoid like a particular animal. For some, allergies are never more than a mild annoyance, while allergies for others might require a legitimate life change. 

While allergies are a normal part of life, and even part of a healthy functioning immune system, no one should miss out on living their best life due to annoying symptoms. Most people who struggle with allergies are very familiar with various over-the-counter options that help to mitigate these unpleasant symptoms. While there are medications that can help, they often times do not represent long term solutions.

For people who are looking to actually live allergy free, there are treatments like immunotherapy that they can pursue. Knowing how to avoid your allergies or mitigate exposure to them also helps with living an allergy-free lifestyle; however, both for immunotherapy, and to avoid your allergies, you have to know exactly what you are allergic to. 

If you have allergies, then chances are you have been told at some point that you need to take an allergy test. These tests can give rich insight into the nature of your allergic reactions which can help you make intelligent decisions about treatment, or plans of action to help you avoid potential allergies. 

When it comes to taking an allergy test, the good news is that you don’t have to deal with a doctor’s office. In fact, taking an at-home allergy test has never been easier, thanks to Cleared., one of the leading names in at-home allergy testing. If you have been wondering about the difference between going to a doctor’s office or taking your allergy test at home, here is everything you need to know! 

What Exactly is an At-Home Allergy Test?

Allergy tests are typically given in one of two ways, either through a blood prick or topically via a skin test. An at-home allergy test kit is set up with everything you need to take a blood-based allergy test and find out exactly what you are allergic to. The good news is that while it may sound intimidating to take a blood-based test in the privacy of your own home, it’s incredibly easy and safe.

Once you have ordered your allergy test, it will come in the mail and you’ll register it to your account using the unique code that it shipped with. Inside the at-home allergy test kit, you will find everything you need clearly marked and labeled. An easy-to-use safety lancet is provided for the blood draw. The safety lancet comes with clear instructions and it’s incredibly easy to prick your finger following proper procedure and collect a small sample of blood. Once your blood sample is collected, labeled, and stored correctly, you place it in the prepaid for the shipping container and put it back in the mail. 

Within a few days, your results are uploaded to your encrypted profile where you can view them safely online. With cleared., not only do you get the benefit of easy-to-understand results, but you also get a consultation with a licensed doctor. This physician can help you better understand your results and even help you define the next steps if further treatment is required. 

What Does an At-Home Allergy Test Detect?

Because the at-home allergy test is blood-based, it measures the immunoglobin response to 40 common environmental allergies. These potential allergies could be anything from pets, mold, grasses, weeds, dust, and much, much more. By using a blood-based test, you can get quick, accurate results within days. 

What is the Difference Between At-Home and the Doctor’s Office?

This may be surprising, but the biggest difference between having a blood-based allergy test done at home or at the doctor’s office is the location. Both forms of the test take a blood sample and submit it to a CLIA-certified lab. These labs run all of the necessary tests to determine the allergy profile that you need.

Because the tests are run to the same standard, and it’s incredibly safe and easy to administer the test yourself, the only thing you miss out on in the comfort of your own home is the hassle of the doctor’s office. No commuting to the office, or schedule an appointment and no waiting room or annoying paperwork. With an at-home test, you register online, wait for your test to come in the mail, and then have easy to understand results given to you after its been processed.


This doesn’t have to be another year where allergies get inbetween you and the life that you want to live. With an in home allergy test you can easily get insight into what kind of allergies you struggle with so you can know how to better treat or avoid potential allergens.

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