Is the Future of Brain Health Here? GranaGard’s Nanotech Marvel Offers a Breakthrough in Nutritional Cognitive Supplements

Updated on March 6, 2024
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In the ever-evolving landscape of wellness, where breakthroughs are rare and transformative solutions even rarer, GranaGard has emerged as a pioneering force. With its revolutionary Omega-5 antioxidant supplement, fortified by cutting-edge nanotechnology, GranaGard introduces a new era of brain health. Its new offering not only redefines the approach to cognitive well-being but signifies a paradigm shift in the realm of nutritional consumption.

GranaGard’s entry into the market is not just a product launch; it appears to represent a significant leap forward in the science of brain health. At the heart of this innovation is the strategic use of nanotechnology, exemplifying the company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of scientific advancement. This nanotechnology transforms Omega-5 antioxidants into nanoparticles, transcending the limitations of traditional supplements by traversing the blood-brain barrier. This enables the direct delivery of powerful antioxidants to neurons, supporting healthy brain functions in an unprecedented manner. 

Over a decade of dedicated research GranaGard has furthered the recognition of pomegranate seed oil as a natural treasure trove of antioxidants, identifying it as a proactive solution integral to a complete nutritional protocol. The culmination of this research and resulting groundbreaking nanotechnology developments come from the preeminent Neurology Department of the Hadassah Medical Center, led by the visionary professor Ruth Gabizon and professor Shlomo Magdassi.

Professor Gabizon, the driving force behind GranaGard’s nutritional technology breakthrough, explains that the key benefit comes from the revolutionary formula that allows oily structures, such as Omega-5, to seamlessly mix with water. She explains that because the human body is predominantly composed of up to 75% water, this new mechanism ensures nutrients to flow through the bloodstream and into organs with unparalleled ease, optimizing the potential for absorption. 

“GranaGard’s efficacy renders the supplements 100% water-soluble. This unique capability allows fatty acids to dissolve into nano-droplets, ensuring maximum absorption and bioavailability,” noted professor Gabizon. “Besides setting GranaGard apart from regular pomegranate supplements and other conventional oils like Omega-3 supplements that lack solubility in water, we have created a whole new scientific platform to deliver nutrients to the brain, one that is accessible to everyone.” 

Granagard Nano Omega-5, which is the original innovator and patent holder of this technology, is now available for purchase at and on Amazon in the United States. Offering a superior choice for health-conscious consumers seeking a clinically-proven approach to long-term cognitive well-being, the company adheres to rigorous testing standards and holds authorization from the Israeli Ministry of Health. 

In the ever-evolving landscape of nutritional supplements, Granagard’s nanotechnology and standards for testing and research make the brand a true pioneer, solidifying its leadership in the field. Its unparalleled scientific rigor and patented technology further underscore that Granagard is establishing itself as not only a provider of cutting-edge brain health products, but as a valuable resource for consumers and the industry. Currently, Granagard is engaged in human trials in Israel and Mexico that are focused on assessing the potential impacts of Omega-5 on individuals grappling with conditions such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, as well as other conditions like menopausal effects.

For those eager to learn more about the technologies created by Ganalix Bio, its parent company, you can visit This special opportunity allows individuals to be part of a transformative journey towards a healthier future, where GranaGard’s nanotechnology-driven supplement promises to redefine the landscape of cognitive wellness. Take the opportunity to discover the latest breakthroughs in brain health science and embark on a journey toward optimal cognitive well-being.

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