Is Law The Right Fit For You?

Updated on March 25, 2019
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Across America, even in places like Kent, Washington, the average Joe tends to be scared of a lawyer. Well, they have all the reasons to be. Mainstream media portrays lawyers as these stone cold devil-spawns who sees a car crash as an opportunity to earn. Their heartless image is complemented with a monotonous dialogue wherein they probe their client. In reality, they are not like these at all. On the contrary, most lawyers choose their career because of their pursuit of learning and a passion for justice.

One problem that makes people iffy towards lawyers is that a number seems to be only in it for the money. Of course, the duality of man will always battle which means that having crappy lawyers is inevitable. However, you, the one reading this right now, can change that. The journey will be difficult for sure, but it’s never too late to get yourself that law degree. Here are a few reasons why you should become a lawyer:

1. Your career will always be an avenue to help others

Whether it be an abused wife filing a divorce in Manhattan, NY, or someone involved in a car crash in Kent, WA, a car crash lawyer will always be able to help. Every client and every case is a chance for you to participate in bettering someone’s life. In fact, there’s a field that lawyers can specialize in if they are passionate in achieving society’s greater good as well as helping those that cannot afford lawyers. They are called public interest lawyers.

Given that the population is also made up of those from the lower-middle to the lower class, private practice lawyers have taken it upon themselves to work pro-bono to help people from these socio-economic classes.

2. Your brain will continually be put to the test

In college, a fair share of stories about law students spending most of their nights (yes, even their Friday nights) studying for recital classes or case presentations is common. Law thoroughly screens its students to leave the best of the best standing in the end. It is only fair since these people will be working in a career where one small mistake can cause sanctions for an innocent person.

However, the intellectual undertaking does not stop within the academe. In practice, lawyers are still able to display their prowess through their cases. If you believe yourself to be analytic, a great problem solver or someone who thinks outside the box, law might be the right match for you.

3. You can branch out into different specializations

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As mentioned above, there are several subfields that one might explore in law. A lawyer can choose to master any of these as long as they put in the time and effort into it. A few examples are corporate law, where the rights, relations, and conducts of individuals, corporate entities, and organizations are studied; there’s also criminal law that aims to understand issues of the law with regards to personal liberties.

Of course, there can be a ton more reasons of why you should become a lawyer. You might end up reading this all night if this went on to list all of those. The basics are, an able mind and a heart to help, remember that.

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