Is it worth hiring a real estate attorney in San Antonio?

Updated on August 2, 2021

Hiring a real estate attorney is beneficial in more ways than one, and if you are trying to imagine scenarios in which this investment is worthwhile, here are some ideas:

If you live in a gated community

Within a community of owners, there must be some basic rules of coexistence written in the statutes, approved by the majority at the community of owners’ constitution. The Law regulates how the prevailing relations should be in a block whose properties share common elements, such as the façade, the stairs, the elevator, or the attic.

It is essential that all the neighbors have clear the prevailing rules and that the community’s president or vice-president make them known to the new tenants.

To promote harmony and goodwill in your community, you can count on a property manager who works for you, takes care of the collection of payments (be careful, because this is one of the main reasons for conflict), and can represent you before the third parties.

If you own a property that you rent

Another good reason to hire a lawyer specialized in real estate law is that you own rented property. In some cases, offering an apartment for rent, such as your San Antonio property, is like playing Russian roulette: you never know when you will lose.

Usually, the relationship between tenant and landlord will be cordial, respectful; you will discuss the problems and find a solution that satisfies and benefits both parties. But what if that doesn’t happen? Then you’ve been dealt a bad hand.

Problems with tenants can be challenging to deal with and hard to assimilate. Things like not taking responsibility for damages in the home, asking for expenses that you did not remember to include in the contract, or going to the extreme of not paying the installments and not wanting to leave the house, can happen. The key is from the beginning to mark in a contract the red lines because later that will serve you to claim before the Law.

Evictions, what are they, and how to stop them?

In recent years, evictions have come to the forefront. Displacements can occur for several reasons, such as when a tenant does not pay his or her installments and also when a landlord with a mortgage cannot meet the obligations contracted with a bank. In either case, if it becomes effective, it will mean that the person becomes homeless.

The eviction process is not quick (although there are some abbreviated formulas for some instances that speed up the process quite a bit). That is why if you are under Damocles´sword, contact as soon as possible a specialized real estate lawyer because he/she will be the one who can free you from this heavy burden and can make sure that in the end, your eviction does not become effective, or that the bank agrees to accept the dation in payment, that is to say, the house in exchange for the debts.

If you want to buy a house

Those young couples who appear on the billboards in front of the construction of new homes, with their dog, maybe with their child, and with the happiness that they will find a home in which to put down roots.

Unfortunately, advertising does not include the possibility that your new home may have cracks, leaks, dampness, doors that do not close properly, or that the materials’ quality is not what you have been promised. Or even worse, the building is not stable and is in danger of collapsing.

Do not let the broken illusions take over your spirit because, in these situations, you have the Law on your side; it contains a series of points that can be useful to you. You should know that in some cases, you have up to a period from the moment you receive the property to claim defects in the finishes, faults that affect the habitability of the property (environmental problems, leaks, security issues, etc.), and to detect and claim points in the security of the building.

Therefore, if you have any of these problems, contact a real estate attorney San Antonio. They have seen practically all of the issues. With their experience, they will be able to help you solve them in the best way.

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