Is It Time to See a Pain Management Doctor?

Updated on July 23, 2020

Chronic pain can sneak up when you least expect. Living with a chronic disease or condition can affect the quality of your life. Seeking the help of a doctor early may help you manage the condition. If you wait too long, the condition may get worse. The following are a few signs that you need to consult a Greenacres, FL pain management physician.

Pain that Doesn’t Go Away

If you have pain that shows no significant decline in three months, it may be time to see a pain management specialist. Pain management physicians exclusively specialize in resolving severe, chronic, or acute pain. They have the training and expertise to deal with a variety of pain problems.

Exploring Alternatives to Surgery

Even though surgery may be a good option for treating back pain, it is often used as a last resort. A pain management specialist may suggest other treatment options.

Need More Medication for Pain Treatment

If you find yourself having to take more medication to treat your chronic pain, your pain management specialist may suggest better options. It is common for medication to get less effective over time. They will review what you have been using and help you manage pain better.

You Wish to Stop Taking Painkillers and Prescription Medicine

If you want to stop taking your prescribed medication or painkillers, consider seeing a pain management specialist. They may help you find drug-free or pain-free medication depending on your needs. They are experienced in pain management so they may prescribe the right treatments for your needs.

Treatment Has Reduced Your Pain but Progress Has Stopped

It is not enough for medication to reduce your pain. It should help you with the illness too. If your progress is stalled or stopped, your pain doctor may prescribe an alternative medication.

People with chronic pain are no longer willing to settle for bearable or manageable pain. They are always trying to make progress. Your pain management doctors may help you find a medication that helps make your life better.

When the Pain Has Reduced But Is Still a Problem

Often, your family doctor will give you medication or treatments that reduce your pain. However, they may not completely resolve it. Instead of living with manageable pain, pain management specialists may help you get rid of it completely. A pain management specialist may have a few options to deal with your problem.

There are a few reasons why you may develop pain. The pain you experience after a recent surgery, an illness, or injury is called acute pain. If you have pain that goes on for more than six weeks, it may be time to see a pain management specialist. Upon further testing, they will prescribe the relevant treatment. If you continue to experience pain after the healing process is over, it is known as chronic pain. You may need a personalized plan to deal with it.

The sooner you see a pain management expert, the faster you may get treatment. 

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