Is It Important for a Plastic Surgeon to be Board Certified?

Updated on December 6, 2021
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Plastic surgery helps deal with various issues you may be battling with your appearance. It is a serious procedure that you should undertake with much care because it can be a life-changing experience if it goes wrong. Therefore, before you have any surgeon perform the surgery on you, ensure that they are board-certified. There are several advantages of having a board-certified plastic surgeon operating on you, as you will find below.

1)            Expertise

A plastic surgeon gets to be board-certified if they have undergone residency training in general surgery for five years and plastic surgery for three years. The surgeon must also complete a written and oral exam to test their mastery of plastic surgery. Even after being in practice for long, the surgeon still needs recertification after ten years to ensure they are knowledgeable about the current and most advanced surgery techniques.

Therefore, as a patient, if you get a board-certified physician, you know you are in the hands of a professional. At Erick Sanchez Plastic Surgery, you can get an experienced surgeon to perform various procedures on skin, breast, body, and face. With a trained physician, you can be sure that you will receive high-quality surgeries without worrying about their outcome.

2)            Minimal Risks

Plastic surgery is expensive and mainly because most insurance companies do not cover it. As a result, many patients who want cosmetic surgery will try to minimize costs by looking for an affordable surgeon. There are cheaper clinics you can find in town, run mainly by non-board-certified physicians.

These physicians offer their services at a discounted rate than what a board-certified surgeon will be offering. However, going for a cheap option may turn out to be an expensive affair when things go wrong after a botched surgery.

3)            Special Privileges

A board-certified surgeon operates in a recognized facility, unlike a non-board certified one. If you get any surgical complications that may require you to get attention from a hospital, you will be safer with a board-certified physician than a non-board certified one. If you did not get the surgical procedure done by a board-certified surgeon, they might not access a hospital to treat you, which puts you in a challenging situation.

Hospitals only grant privileges to doctors to treat in their facility if they are fully certified. Therefore, you get to be on the losing end if the one who operated on you does not get these special privileges.

4)            Aesthetics

A surgeon who has approval from the American Board of Plastic Surgery knows how to carry out ethical and safe procedures. Therefore, you can be certain that the expected outcome will be to your expectations whether they carry out invasive or non-invasive operations. Most importantly, apart from having surgery done the right way, you want to get out looking and feeling good about yourself.

Sometimes a specific procedure you may need may not be necessary, and the physician may advise you to get an alternative that will work out better. Dealing with a certified surgeon puts you in safe hands and dramatically reduces the chances of having a botched surgery.

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